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#378 Change to Local Drive R: failed ,,,, anonymous

The Programm hangs wenn i try to change the local destination to R:

the contents of R: is

Datenträger in Laufwerk R: hat keine Bezeichnung. Datenträgernummer: 0000-0000

Verzeichnis von R:\

13.07.2003 12:55 <DIR> . 13.07.2003 12:55 <DIR> .. 09.10.2002 10:47 <DIR> QOpenSys 09.10.2002 10:47 <DIR> QDLS 09.10.2002 10:47 <DIR> QSYS.LIB 09.10.2002 10:47 <DIR> QOPT 09.10.2002 10:47 <DIR> QFileSvr.400 09.10.2002 10:47 <DIR> QNTC 09.10.2002 14:02 <DIR> dev 09.10.2002 10:47 <DIR> home 15.07.2003 13:36 <DIR> tmp 28.11.2002 23:26 <DIR> etc 26.10.2002 09:05 <DIR> usr 09.10.2002 13:59 <DIR> QIBM 14.07.2003 21:10 <DIR> QSR 09.10.2002 14:02 <DIR> bin 09.10.2002 14:04 <DIR> var 14.07.2003 07:52 603 dev_rout 09.10.2002 14:18 <DIR> QTCPTMM 09.10.2002 14:18 <DIR> www 09.10.2002 15:39 <DIR> QNetWare 13.07.2003 12:55 0 QXDALISTEN 14.07.2003 11:40 <DIR> sapmnt 15.07.2003 05:56 <DIR> BRMSSPLF 06.05.2003 11:02 <DIR> sapcd 03.03.2003 14:50 <DIR> cd

2 Datei(en) 603 Bytes

24 Verzeichnis(se), 401'775'792'128 Bytes frei

Can you fix this Problem the Programm is Freezing , nothing do work .... after change to R: Please Help..... Thanks Nerve nerve@…

#379 choosing items in queue difficult anonymous

When the queue has many small files that are being downloaded, it is difficult to choose a particular file in the queue because the selection keeps moving to another file.

For example, if I wanted to pause file foo.txt, I can't choose it to pause because everytime I click on it in the queue, the selected file moves.

A workaround I found is to stop the entire queue, make my changes, and then restart the queue.

A related problem I noticed happens when I select a bunch of files, and then choose "pause" from the right- click menu. The selection then just moves to the next batch of files in the list. This really isn't a bug, but it is quirky - I've never seen this behaviour with other windows apps. I would expect one of two things: (a) the selection is cleared, or (b) the status of the files just changes to "paused", but the same files remain selected.

Overall, this is a great product. Keep up the good work!

#380 Display of Log anonymous

While mass processing (about several thousand files), filzilla keeps the log and tries to display it.. next start it reloads the whoe (!) log and tries displaying it again. this results in exhaustive memory usage and a too long startup time.

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