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#7738 rejected Accidentally dellated the public html file Katherine Katherine

I accidentally deleted the public html file while I was tiring to upload a money making site file. Could you help me with this or tell me where to go because I don't now anything about source codes or html

Katherine Friesen friesenkatherine@… 204 325 6824

#1734 Account Interface nimroy

I would like better control of the grouping of users, for instance I would like to create a group with all its attribs and just drag-n-drop users in to it, making the gropus attributes apply to those users.

And the account GUI should get easier, its not very straight forward when compared to other FTP servers.

In short I would like more control over the user accounts.

#7217 invalid Account Settings / Password - Keeps changing can't log in kodsaepay Steve


I'm trying to connect a Canon 1D Mk III camera using a WFTE2a wireless file transmitter to my PC on Windows 7, Filezilla Server ver 0.9.37

I've set up a user and in 'Account Settings' I have the 'Password' box ticked (wont let me have a blank password).

Each time I change the password and click OK then go back into Account Settings the password has changes to a 32 digit password (I didn't set this password)

When I try and connect through the camera I get error 45 which suggests its a User Name or Password Error. As I don't know what the 32 digit password is and I can't replace it I'm getting no where.

Please help


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