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#12045 outdated Data connection TLS warning: SSL3 alert write: fatal: bad record mac Marco Miltenburg

All of a sudden I start seeing this error in the log and the connections are being dropped:

Data connection TLS warning: SSL3 alert write: fatal: bad record mac

The only major change was the installation of the regular Windows updates the day before. I've updated to the latest version 0.9.60 but that also has the same problem.

This was previously reported in tickets #8771 and #4626 but it looks like we have something similar again.

#12034 rejected Filezilla Client do not work first 5-6 minutes after start with 100% CPU load User85488925

When I start the client, one core is loaded at 100% for 5-6 minutes. However, I can not connect to the sftp server saved in the settings. A new tab appears, but it is empty. The console is empty. The indicator does not show that some operation is occurring. I can click refresh, but it does not give anything. I can press interrupt the current operation, but it does not give anything. The second tab to the same server is also empty.

If I click check for new versions, a dialog window will be displayed, there will be rotation progress bar until background load not ended.

Until the background process completes its work, the client is completely useless.

Through Process Explorer, I can look at stack on thread, which creates the download:


If I close the client while the background task is running, the window will disappear, but the process will remain until it completes its work.

If I start the client again, it will again do something in the background for 5-6 minutes.

Judging by the line: generate_selfsigned_certificate He is engaged in the fact that he generates some kind of certificates.

#12032 rejected Bug when user exceeds storage quota while uploading a file using SFTP or FTPS hostedftp

Previously when a user used SFTP and exceeded a storage quota Filezilla would report an error indicating the user had exceeded the quota and would not upload the file. With the recent update this no longer happens and the user does not receive an error message but only a 0kb file is uploaded. User thinks upload is successful. Please see attached log file.

When using FTPS, the file is not uploaded however the system tries repeatedly to upload the same file over and over and over again. Please see attached log file.

Attached log file is for a user with a 0 storage quota uploading a 82,751 PNG file to the server.

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