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#5292 rejected Access to special path failed if the folder name has an extra space at the end Alex Zhou

Thread recap:

Access to below folder path failed, the folder ”First vendor” was created by the vendor.

/First vendor

Command: CWD First vendor Response: 550 Failed to change directory. Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

The problem is that the folder “First vendor” has an extra space at the end, so it was actually “First vendor ”, but we cannot see that in FileZilla client, and we cannot rename or delete the folder.

The folder can be accessed using other FTP software like “Leechftp”.

#1312 Accessibility - Navigating tree views with the keyboard lorddiamond

Letter navigation doesn't work in the local or remote tree views. For example, typing the letter F repeatedly should cycle through all the expanded items beginning with that letter. Possibly not a priority issue, but never the less it's inconvenient for visually impaired users like myself who rely primarily on the keyboard and screen reading software. I'm using the latest 3.0.1 official release.

#5164 fixed Accidental single click file renaming Peter

When navigating through folders a single click very often leads to a file or folder renaming. More than that, sometimes when I double click on the folder - it requests this folder's contents AND activates renaming feature, so when it finishes listing new folder - old renaming box stays on the screen, as if now you are renaming a file or a folder inside this new listed folder. If you hit Return - then a file in this new folder will be renamed to the name of a file from a previous folder.

I think it's a high priority bug, since I had to stop using Filezilla completely.

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