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#3258 MSW: Uninstall on upgrade aborts installation in progress uwebit

Hi there,

when you download the latest version of filezilla and it runs you through the setup procedure it gets to a step where it says do you want to uninstall or of course the choice is uninstall, but after you do so it says you need to reboot your pc to fully complete the uninstall or you can choose to manually reboot later. I wish it would be set to default to manually reboot later as everyone that i keep recommending this program too ends up calling me after they run an upgrade because they choose to reboot as it is set as default and it doesn't complete the upgrade/ or it freezes it half way through kinda thing. But if you choose not to reboot immediately then it finishes the upgrade perfectly and then you can just manually reboot :)

just a thought, as about 6 people on different pc's have been phoning me asking me what happens everytime they upgrade and that is always the case. majority are using xp but one is using vista..same results though.

#11015 rejected scroll buttons require a few to several clicks to scroll a single tick utwubie

since Fedora switched to building FileZilla against GTK3, the scroll buttons require repeated clicks to initiate a scroll of a single tick. 4-7 clicks required per tick in my testing, depending apparently on how much scrolling is available.

#11016 duplicate horizontal scrollbars don't seem to always know correct scrolling width (fluctuates while scrolling) utwubie

Fedora now builds FileZilla against gtk3. now a horizontal scrollbar's width seems to fluctuate while scrolling horizontally, which can result in anomalies such as the scrollbar jumping back and forth, or columns temporarily being clipped at one side or the other.

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