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#422 File size difference in transfer anonymous

I transfered a file to a UNIX server and it was adding byte size to (832 bytes) the file, causing it to not to run by command line request. I transfered it to another server where the file ran fine and the size was correct (802 bytes). Each time I had Admin rights and I transfered the file as ASCII mode. The transfer was SSH secure each time. I was following a migration task and had to get the developer of the code to witness the issue before we discovered what the problem was preventing the file from running as developed. FYI - the .sh file called a tar.gz file to execute and install inhouse software on the server. We had to use another FTP application to accomplish our migration process.

#423 Can't build data connection: westley52

Status: Connected Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: PWD Response: 257 "/" is current directory. Command: PORT 10,0,1,220,4,233 Response: 200 PORT command successful. Command: TYPE A Response: 200 Type set to A. Command: LIST Response: 425 Can't build data connection: Connection refused Error: Could not retrieve directory listing

This error is happening when I am trying to connect to this site using my Windows 98 machine. However, if I connect to the same site with Windows 2000 - the connection and directory listing happens perfectly.

Version 2.1.9a

#424 problem with uploading - doesn't send all data anonymous

seems to be a problem when uploading multiple files at once, sometimes they will not upload completely and yet they disappear from the queue as if the upload was successful... tends to be either 0 bytes, or a multiple of 16k (maybe to do with block size?)

this has been ongoing since filezilla 2.1.6 or so i think. i'm using war-ftpd which has been working fine before i started using the filezilla with problems, and also works fine with any other client i use...

i'm using filezilla 2.1.9a on windows 2000 pro.

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