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#123 server lets you use .. outside root kimihia

You can use '..' to see below the root of a directory.

ftp> ls .. 200 Port command successful 150 Opening data channel for directory list. site1 site2 226 Transfer OK

For example, directories are set up like so:

c:\ftp c:\ftp\site1 c:\ftp\site2

I have a user "anonymous" set up as follows:

c:\ftp\site1 Files: read Directories: list, subdirs Show relative paths

0.6.0 beta.

#7929 fixed server ignores detected ip for passive mode sebcsaba

I have the following setting:

<Item name="Custom PASV IP type" type="numeric">2</Item>
<Item name="Custom PASV IP server" type="string"></Item>

And I'm behind a nat router. When connecting to the server from the internet, I got my local IP:

ftp> passive
Passive mode on.
ftp> ls
227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,18,86,206)

The same from the server interface:

> 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,18,86,206)

And of course, it can't connect.

When setting IP type to 1 and hardcode my current IP, it works. (So my router doesn't change the content of the communication.) I tried more websites, but in all case the result was the same.

As I see, the server simply ignores the IP got from the website.

(Server version: 0.9.40 beta)

#9870 outdated server error thefixer

I just installed FileZilla a few hours ago.

When I start FileZilla server, it stays at

Connecting to server... Connected, waiting for authentication

then it tries to reconnect

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