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#11594 fixed Independent preferences in tabs Juan Varela

Hi! Loving your app.

Sometimes you explore Servers with very similar or identical structure of directories. Sometimes you work with Production and Development Servers, and because of its similar content, you lose track of where you are exploring. It is very useful to be able to establish different preferences in some of the open tabs (background color, font, etc ...) for a clearer visual reference of the content that is being consulted and edited.

Thank you in advance.

#845 transfer error when having site open in right window Alexander Schuch vanuda

When having the remote site still open in the right window i occasionally gets "transfer error #xxx" trying again".

When closing the remote connection this problem dissapears and i do not get any more "transfer error". I.e. the transfer is errorfree.

This problem has existed as long as i have used filezilla both as server and as a client. ( aprox 6 months ) and duing this time i frequently have updated to latest versions on both sides.

Currently using client 2.2.12c and server 0.9.6a(beta). Both sides are using WinXP, Serverside is SP1 and client is SP2.

#7403 outdated Win 7 64-bit Drag and Drop Jim Van Fleet

Cannot download files from FTP server to local machine by dragging and dropping out of FileZilla.

I've tested on a Win 7 32-bit machine and it works fine so this is a 64-bit problem I presume, unless there strange system settings on the 64-bit machine that are not present on the 32-bit.

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