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#416 Filezilla Server Active Mode is not RFC compliant anonymous


A customer called me because he had problems using active FTP through his firewall. I checked a bit and I remarked that many other FTP servers were doing well with active FTP through his firewall (checkpoint). The difference is that the server that are working ok are RFC 959 compliant. It looks like Filezilla server is not compliant (because of time, I could only make very few testings) because when the FTP- DATA connexion is set up from the server to the client, the source port should be 20 (actually "listening port - 1", according to the RFC). It looks like filezilla sets the a random source port > 1023. Stateful firewalls (at least checkpoint) doesnt take in consideration this connexion as a part of an existing one and the drops the data connexion.

Extract of the RFC :

The user-DTP must "listen" on the specified data port; this may be the default user port (U) or a port specified in the PORT command. The server shall initiate the data connection from his own default data port (L-1) using the specified user data port.

#417 Change the default port for sftp mystifier

When we select sftp using ssh2 option in the site manager, the default port 21 should change to 22.


#418 Ascii-mode and auto-mode file transfer broken?(2.1.8c winxp) riczito

ASCII or Auto-detect file transfer of an HTML or HTM file will break some Javascript rollover and/or OpenWindow-type coding in the page. Something is wrong with the ASCII file transfer.

Workaround is to transfer the file in Binary mode.

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