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#2375 Ability to specify private key for SFTP connections cs96and

It would be nice if you could actually specify the private key to use for each SFTP connection. Having to use Putty's default key is completely counter-intuitive, and also means that if you want to connect to different servers using different keys, you have to keep changing Putty's key.

Cheers Alan.

#4150 rejected Ability to turn off "Operating system problem detected" message Rodney

Version 3.2.0 Windows XP 64-bit w/SP2

Each time on startup I get the "Operating system problem detected" message. This is very annoying. It should only appear the first time I run the program from a new install. After that it should not appear anymore.

At least add a check box to "Do not show this again."

#10732 fixed Ability to use ALT+# to change tabs instead of CTRL+# Annorax

As of now, to change tabs using the keyboard, one would press Control and a number from the top row to change to that corresponding tab, for example CTRL+1 to the first tab, CTRL+2 to the second, and so forth.

Personally I find it much more natural to use ALT+# instead of CTRL+#. Most Linux applications with tabs (Firefox, Konsole) use ALT+# to change tabs and as a mostly Windows user, I remap everything I can to use ALT+#.

Please consider implementing this in Filezilla by giving the end user the option of using CTRL or ALT plus a number to change tabs.

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