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#2272 Ability to exclude certain files/directories ara_

I would like to be able to specify that files/directories matching a certain mask should not be transferred as part of a recursive upload/download.

This would make it possible to upload/download from subversion controlled directory trees without having to do an export first to remove all of the .svn directories.

Many thanks for all your work..

#3816 fixed Ability to hide the quickconnect bar jsherk

Would like the option to hide the quickconnect bar. Probably makes most sense to have it listed in the VIEW drop-down, and then you could just select/unselect whether or not you want it shown.

Currently using 3.1.1

#6483 invalid Ability to perform local verification of uploaded/downloaded files, with optional delete. Qriist


I'd love to use FileZilla as a permanent FTP solution, but to do this I need one feature that I think would be fairly easy to implement - though I have not looked at your source code.

Essentially, I would like your program, FileZilla, to have the ability to follow these steps, with appropriate preconfiguration as needed:

1: Uploads or downloads a file as normal. 2a: If server hashing is supported, simply hash compares with (any / best) hash algorithm available. 2b: If server hashing is NOT supported, (re)downloads the file at hand into a temp file and does a local binary compare. 3a: If the process from 2a or 2b fails it deletes the temp files and the appropriate local/remote file and starts with step 1 on the same file. 3b: If the process from 2a or 2b is successful it flags that operation as a success and continues. 4: Based on an optional per-queue setting it deletes the local or remote file that was just successfully transfered. 5: FileZilla continues with the next item and starts the process at step 1.

Essentially, I want a file-comparison while-loop. It really isn't as complicated as it sounds, and a somewhat minimal/gimped version of this has been made by myself (with help) in the BASH language utilizing cURL. I do great things with scripts (Windows side...!); but for things like this an already built GUI is amazing.

Fantastic work on FileZilla, by the way. ---Qriist

PS: Following is a link to my BASH version, which is upload only and does not do server-side hashing at all... Nevertheless it will provide a solid foundation for you to check and examine the steps I desire. Thank you!

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