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#6483 invalid Ability to perform local verification of uploaded/downloaded files, with optional delete. Qriist


I'd love to use FileZilla as a permanent FTP solution, but to do this I need one feature that I think would be fairly easy to implement - though I have not looked at your source code.

Essentially, I would like your program, FileZilla, to have the ability to follow these steps, with appropriate preconfiguration as needed:

1: Uploads or downloads a file as normal. 2a: If server hashing is supported, simply hash compares with (any / best) hash algorithm available. 2b: If server hashing is NOT supported, (re)downloads the file at hand into a temp file and does a local binary compare. 3a: If the process from 2a or 2b fails it deletes the temp files and the appropriate local/remote file and starts with step 1 on the same file. 3b: If the process from 2a or 2b is successful it flags that operation as a success and continues. 4: Based on an optional per-queue setting it deletes the local or remote file that was just successfully transfered. 5: FileZilla continues with the next item and starts the process at step 1.

Essentially, I want a file-comparison while-loop. It really isn't as complicated as it sounds, and a somewhat minimal/gimped version of this has been made by myself (with help) in the BASH language utilizing cURL. I do great things with scripts (Windows side...!); but for things like this an already built GUI is amazing.

Fantastic work on FileZilla, by the way. ---Qriist

PS: Following is a link to my BASH version, which is upload only and does not do server-side hashing at all... Nevertheless it will provide a solid foundation for you to check and examine the steps I desire. Thank you!

#5330 worksforme Ability to select protocol (server type) in QuickConnect Aredhran

I frequently have to work with FTPS / FTPES servers, and it would be a nice feature to be able to connect to these from the QuickConnect bar.

Currently if I try this, I receive the following error messages Response: 550 SSL/TLS required on the control channel Error: Could not connect to server


#2375 Ability to specify private key for SFTP connections cs96and

It would be nice if you could actually specify the private key to use for each SFTP connection. Having to use Putty's default key is completely counter-intuitive, and also means that if you want to connect to different servers using different keys, you have to keep changing Putty's key.

Cheers Alan.

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