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#3604 Large Directory List - Files in wrong folders varioj

Downloaded a large directory list comprising 2700 folders and 10000 files by just dragging the parent dir into the local pane.

The parent folder contains about 110 alphabetically ordered sub-folders (refer to as "individual site folder"), which themselves contain other sub folders and the actual files.

Unfortunately, at approx 25% into the queue filezilla has started putting the wrong files/folders in the wrong "individual site folder".

I have repeated the download with the same result.

I could not identify the reasons, and there appeared to be nothing special about the folders where this occurred. I did find empty files named '_vti_cnf.log' (I'm downloading from some webhosting) but these appeared even in folders that downloaded correctly. Tried setting a filter on this file then reprocessing the queue but it did not fix the download error.

What's interesting is that even after the errors start appearing, some correct files will appear in the correct folders but the folder it will have, for instance a file named aboutus.htm from the previous folder.

However, the errors are not confined to files that are of the same name across different folders. It is also moving uniquely named files onto the 'next' folder.

#11178 fixed Transfer pauses when window in background varianjv

Hi there When I transfer files If i put the window in the background the transfer pauses until i switch back to the filezilla window. If i switch away long enough the transfer fails and moves to the Failed transfers tab.

#11593 invalid Preferencias independientes en pestañas Juan Varela Juan Varela

Saludos... Encantado con su aplicación.

En ocasiones se consultan Servidores con estructura de directorios muy parecidas o iguales. A veces se trabaja con un Servidores de Producción y Desarrollo, y por su contenido similar, se pierde noción de donde se explora. Es muy útil poder establecer preferencias distintas en algunas de las pestañas abiertas (color de fondo, fente, etc...) para una referencia visual más clara del contenido que se está consultando y editando.

De antemano gracias.

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