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#8039 fixed Ability to edit files from Remote File Search list Bruno Ramos Will Chapman

I find the remote file search very useful but also restricting. For example, I often search for error logs and having several subdomains I end up with a long list.

Invariably I want to open a file to see, and often edit its contents but I can't do so without waiting for the search to finish (or stopping the search).

Could I suggest one or more of the following in order of preference:

  1. To be able to click on a file in the list and read/edit it.
  2. For the search results form not to be a fixed dialog so that one can perform other functions whilst it is running (for example open and edit a file from the main FZ screens).
  3. Export a copy of the search results so that they can easily be referred to outside FZ (say in notebook)
#2272 Ability to exclude certain files/directories ara_

I would like to be able to specify that files/directories matching a certain mask should not be transferred as part of a recursive upload/download.

This would make it possible to upload/download from subversion controlled directory trees without having to do an export first to remove all of the .svn directories.

Many thanks for all your work..

#3816 fixed Ability to hide the quickconnect bar jsherk

Would like the option to hide the quickconnect bar. Probably makes most sense to have it listed in the VIEW drop-down, and then you could just select/unselect whether or not you want it shown.

Currently using 3.1.1

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