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#5325 fixed Spaces in filenames don't open properly Peter

If the filename has a space or spaces midway through the filename, then when you try to open the file from within Filezilla (from the right-click menu) it will open a list of files instead of the single file you wanted to open. For example, if you try to open "Template for prototypes.docx", it will respond by attempting to open "Template", "for" and "prototypes.docx", all of them in OpenOffice, and because OpenOffice can't find any of the three, it will pop up three errors of not being able to find each of those three files.

Would it be possible for Filezilla to escape the space characters in a filename or to wrap filenames in quotes?

This occurred while running a version of Filezilla ( obtained through apt-get on Ubuntu 9.10, x86.

#5328 fixed Incorrect change of the listening port if changed in the XML and called with /reload-config Fabien Ric

Using FileZilla Server 0.9.34, the scenario to reproduce this bug is to change the listening port by changing the configuration file and call /reload-config.

  1. If changed in the GUI FZ Server correctly starts listening on the new port. Old connections are retained on the old port. Old port is dropped when the last old connection is closed.
  2. BUT: If changed directly in the XML and called with /reload-config, FZ Server fails to recognize the new port and does not start listening on it (though it is reflected in the GUI). Only a server restart helps, currently.

See this forum topic :

#5343 fixed Leading space for the host name confuse client. robert macnamara Sergey Burakov

Enter " ftp://...", press Quick connect and the client can't find the server. When the leading space is removed it works. Version Thanks a lot for the product.

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