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#1612 Ability to Drag Files Onto Folders blujay

It would be very nice if you could drag a file from the local or remote panes onto a folder icon in the other pane to upload or download to it. As it is now, you must chdir to a directory before you can upload a file to it. If that directory has a lot of files in it, it can take a long time to download the directory listing. It seems like it would be relatively simple to implement. Other FTP clients, like Bullet Proof FTP, let you do that.


#2165 Ability to Fix Corrupt Files planck

I am speaking to functionality similar to the 'RemenDeKO' or 'Remote File Fixer' programs found on sourceforge. The idea is that you divide the file up into blocks and use CRC to check the integrity of each block. Then, only the corrupted blocks need to be re-transferred instead of the entire file.

This would be particularly useful after downloading a very large file or over a slower connection.

The problem with the programs mentioned above is that they require user participation on both ends of the file transfer. It would be much more convenient to have this functionality built directly into an ftp server/client, so that the task could be automated.

#4863 duplicate Ability to change Server process priority Searinox

This one would be a very useful feature especially considering I've seen FZ server use up to 12% CPU on high load. Because the server runs in the background it's always activated. So I don't want it arbitrarily slowing down my computer when I'm doing something intensive. Also I know there are those people out there who would like to have it the other way around and use their server at high prio on dedicated machines.

I don't know what language FZ is written in but in VB it's dead easy to implement such a feature with SetPriorityClass. All itwould need is an entry to read and write to in the .ini advertising the feature, an option with the priority somewhere in the UI, (Realtime, AboveNormal, Normal, BelowNormal, and Low) and a bit of code that would apply the setting at two points - on startup and on saving settings. Sounds like fifteen minutes of work.

Many thanks.

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