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#347 SSL upload through socks proxy fail midori3

I'm using Filezilla to conentc to an SSL ftp server (implicit encryptin), using a socks5 proxy. Everything works fine except upload. In this case filezilla send all data in few seconds instead of several minutes (with very large files). When arrived to 100% and after the timeout has expired, he disconnect from server; only some data arrive on the server, so I've to resume the upload, several times when the file is very large.

#348 Can't connect with FileZilla anonymous

Under some circumstances, I cannot connect to my website with FileZilla. If I use another FTP Client, (like WS_FTP Pro) I get connected. If I use FileZilla a bit later, I can connect again without any modifications in the preferences or else panels.

This is the log I get when problem occurs. Etat : Connexion à ... Etat : Connecté à Attente du message d'accueil... Réponse : 220 FTP server (Version wu- 2.6.2(1) Tue Mar 4 15:42:58 CET 2003) ready. Commande : USER stephane Réponse : 331 Password required for stephane. Commande : PASS * Réponse : 230-No directory! Logging in with home=/ Réponse : 230 User stephane logged in. Etat : Connecté Etat : Récupération de la liste de répertoires... Commande : CWD /home/web/ Réponse : 250 CWD command successful. Commande : PWD Réponse : 257 "/home/web" is current directory. Commande : PORT 192,168,0,3,13,177 Réponse : 500 Illegal PORT Command Erreur : N'a pas pu récupérer la liste du répertoire Commande : TYPE A Réponse : 200 Type set to A. Commande : PWD Réponse : 257 "/home/web" is current directory. Commande : REST 0 Réponse : 350 Restarting at 0. Send STORE or RETRIEVE to initiate transfer. Commande : PWD Réponse : 257 "/home/web" is current directory. Commande : PWD Réponse : 257 "/home/web" is current directory. Commande : TYPE A Réponse : 200 Type set to A.

Hope this help. I like using your software. Without this problem I would be an happy guy !

#349 Address incorrectly identified Ver 2.17 links2learning

I copy and paste tStellaDemoInst.exe into the ADDRESS input box. FILEZILLA looks for tStellaDemoInst.exe/ thinking the last part is a folder not a file. A connection is made but an error message folder not found is reported. Now it would be great if the common extensions where recognised. eg. doc, zip, html, exe,....

Or have I missed something?

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