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#296 sftp download speed v. slow rolfy

OS: win XP machine: dual 1700 XP with 512 MB Ram client connection - cable modem. server connecting to - work machine with dedicated T1

While using sftp through filezilla, the speed seems to be very slow. I found that the max i got from my work machine to home is 4.4KB / s and UP 6.5 KB / s.

I thought this was a little strange, so I downloaded WinSSH and used it's sftp functionality and got 100KB /s down, and 12 KB / s up.

I have attached the settings file (I marked previous stuff as *REMOVED*)

I checked the speed limiting, and it didn't seem to be set...

#11003 duplicate sftp doesn't work in 3.22 on Mac Os X Hubert Schölnast

I just updated to Version 3.22 and tried to connect to one of my servers via sftp. but the connection couldn't be established. I can't connect to any of my servers.

After downgrade to 3.21 everything worked fine. So it's definitely a bug in new version 3.22.

#3043 sftp doesn't default toport 22 bcuzeau

When creating a new site, or editing an existing site, selecting Sftp should change the default port from 21 to 22. I think it did in previous versions. Doesn not in version 3.0 beta

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