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#2601 Site manager window not fixed Alexander Schuch percept

It's a small request but I was wondering if it would be possible to not make the site mananger window a fixed size ... I got a lot of sites inthere and the small screen isn't handy with my big list.


#2640 Non-mouse access Alexander Schuch phelum

The TAB key can be used to cycle through the path and file list panes but not until the mouse has been used to select a pane. Could you please change the startup default so a pane (presumably the first) is selected so that operation on a mouseless system is possible.



#2659 enable BACK BUTTON Alexander Schuch flashbot

I've been using FileZilla for quite a while.

One of a user-friendly features it had was the possibility to hit the back button, whenever you focused on a local or remote site pane, and navigate to the previous folder.

Apologies if this feature has been added already, I just can't find it on the beta 10 version; i need to use the ".." icon.

Thank you!

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