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#7397 outdated wrong number of files Samuel

Hi I use FileZilla 3.5.0. And in the pane of Remote Site Files I can see ONLY 1998 files! The rest are impossible to see.

Please fix it. Thank you

#5015 duplicate wrong folder's name is editted when switching folders Brett

I am using the mac version of filezilla.

When i click on a folder it sometimes opens up the dialog that allows me to edit the name of the folder. But if you leave that dialog open then double click the same folder it takes you to that folders contents and the folder or file at the same position as the previous dialog is still open, deselected that folder makes the name change. Thus saving the file/folder with the incorrect name.

#9942 outdated wrong file overwrited, when edit and upload same file name kadekjayak

v run on OSX 10.10

when i "View/Edit" file with same file name, when i upload the last edited file it overwrite the first one.

details :

  1. "View/Edit" on a file, (i use Brackets code editor).
  2. edit that file, Save, and return back to FileZilla, it will display a message that file have been edited, upload that file.
  3. navigate to other directory, find the same file name, "View/Edit" that file like in step 2. return back to fileZilla, upload it.

4 check the file, in my case the first edited file is overwrited by the last edited file. the last edited file is no chages.

i hope you understand. Thank you

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