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#329 Unable to upload to MVS Server anonymous

I cannot upload to an IBM MVS Server type. The directory listing shows empty, when it is not, and when I try to send the file I get the following:

Response: 230 XAHEDM is logged on. Working directory is "XAHEDM.". Status: Connected Status: Starting upload of O:\FTP Temp\test.send Command: CWD /'XAHEDM.'/ Response: 550 CWD cmd failed : EDC5129I No such file or directory. Command: CWD / Response: 250 HFS directory / is the current working directory Command: MKD 'XAHEDM.' Response: 550 error allocating XAHEDM. Command: CWD /'XAHEDM.'/ Response: 550 CWD cmd failed : EDC5129I No such file or directory. Error: Upload failed

I am using Version 2.17

#330 Server: Custom PASV Options ignored anonymous

I'm running FZ server (0.8.3) behind a router and cant get it to give out correct ip:port for pasv, no matter what I options I enter. Dynip support would be nice too ;) teilzeitprofi@…

#331 Problem with connecting through SQUID (other) chainkeiya

I need to set the following to use FTP: USER remoteID@remoteHost

But this isnt implemented, so i just used

USER remoteID@remoteHost fireID

Then the log shows following: Antwort: 220 Welcome to fireproxy2. Status: Versuche über den Proxy zu erreichen Befehl: USER develop@… Antwort: 501 Invalid destination in user name.

I just think this is the space at the end of the request. Please implement USER remoteID@remoteHost too!

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