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Relates to a previous bug report that was reported 15 years ago

#1028 closed Bug report ASCII mode transfer corrupts files nix=>win

Text Lines that end with CR LF are having an additional CR added to the line

So the the Text Line ends with CR CR LF

In Hex - CR LF (Hex 0D0A) becomes CR CR LF (Hex 0D0D0A)

I have used FileZilla for about 20 years and this has never happened to me before.

#12304 outdated Couldn't add an image to the image list Error message Charlie

When I first start up the program I get an error message indicating: Couldn't add an image to the image list.

I am using Windows 10 and Filezilla Client version 3.5.10

#12301 rejected Update checks are still run with update checking disabled Daniel Beardsmore

Configuration: disable update checks using Edit → Settings → Updates → FileZilla updates → Check for FileZilla updates automatically = Never Expected behaviour: no update checking Actual behaviour: a nag window appears titled “Check for Updates” with the message “Unfortunately information about the new update could not be retrieved. Either you or your system administrator has disabled checking for updates …”

The only two ways that the program can display this message are a) the program has psychic powers that allow it to magically know about updates without checking, or b) it checked for updates when explicitly instructed not to do so.

The program violates the aforementioned setting. If update checking is disabled, then update checking must not occur. Instead, the program checks for the update and then chooses not to tell you anything about it, as if that somehow constitutes not checking. If update checking is disabled, the program must refrain from making any attempt to check. Otherwise, that setting is virtually meaningless. The only thing it does do is prevent downloading the update installers, but if that is what it is intended to do, the setting needs to say “Download updates automatically and display update changelogs” with a notice below it that update checks cannot be disabled, because the user interface and behaviour must match each other. The program cannot be allowed to disobey the user’s instructions. If the setting exists, it must behave exactly as it indicates.

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