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#326 Remote dir changes after renaming files rubempech

Quite often, after renaming a file in the remote server by pressing F2m typing the new name then the Enter key, the current remote directory will change by itself. The action is similar to what occurs if a remote directory is deleted, however the directory and the file are still intact. Occasionaly this takes a while to happen after the Enter key is pressed. Maybe renaming is not the only situation that causes this, can't know for sure.

#327 missing files in 'remote panel' from OpenVMS server pbru

some file on are missing from the remote pannel.

the server is an OpenVMS box running OpenVMS 7.2-1 and TCPIP Services v5.3

(maybe a 'show raw dir' option could help to debug)

#328 this bugtracker appears to be useless.. anonymous

It seems like none of the developer is willing to "track" any of the bugs posted herein. There are plenty of open bugs dated from last year, but nonbody knows, if they are solved, closed or still an issue. Not a single entry can be found in the 'colved' or 'closed' categories. FZ has some nice features and it's too bad, that user reponses seemed to be ignored -- at least here at Sourceforge.

The current release (2.17) is labeled "mature", but introduced a couple of new very annoying bugs, e.g. weired server directory changes and the non-functional queue (which was one of the reasons for me to choose FileZilla). It appears that I need to *downgrade* or worse: kick FileZilla and go back to my previous FTP client.

A disappointed user.

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