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#2428 window position movement Alexander Schuch doctor_who

For ANY correction or patch to FileZilla at ANY time!

For users like me, who like to download files from FTP sites, it would be nice if I, and other users of FileZilla could change the window positions, instead of "side by side", the local and remote windows could be "one atop the other", if THAT were done, we could, for instance, use MUCH longer PathNames for the Local and Remote Directory Trees, too, ok?

Give the user the ABILITY to put the remote window ABOVE the local window, or vice versa, make it a configuration choice in the "settings", IE, the user would have 4 choices,

"left local and right remote", "left remote and right local", "bottom local and top remote", "bottom remote and top local".

Please also make this a setting that could

be "permanent", retained in the "XML file" with other permanent settings, so, anytime I need to change it, I can, then it will be that way next I run this program.


#2448 Safety query before deleting a ftp preferences site Alexander Schuch nameless23


I think it should appear a safety query, if you try to delete a ftp preferences site.

Bye Nameless

#2449 Windows safe filenames Alexander Schuch whangiorva

A lot of times when I use filezilla to download some stuff, it'll get confused by the unix / linux filenames.

As a result, it'll get confused by the directory names and try to overwrite stuff it just downloaded. Either from the same directory (similar filename) or from another directory that has similar contents (but perhaps a different version.)

Or worse, it'll create the directory or file, but it wont be accessible under windows. Things like NUL, CON, etc. Those and more are reserved under Windows. They date back to DOS, but are still a problem in windows.

Perhaps Filezilla should have an option (enabled by default) to create Windows safe filenames.

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