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#5067 fixed Already Connected dialog should include option to set choice as default krog

The Already Connected dialog is klunky and bothersome because it nags every time the user uses the quick connect feature on an existing connection. The reason the user is using the quick connect feature (the little down arrow on the Site Manager button) is to save clicks... Only to be repeatedly confronted with the same question over and over again: An "Already Connected" dialog asking if the user wants to change the existing connection or start a new tab.

The dialog should include a checkbox "Set as default (can be changed in Edit -> Settings)", The user should have the option to check the box, setting a default, and should be able to change or remove the default in preferences.


#5074 fixed Some memory leaks silamantex


Have you tried cppcheck?

FileZilla Server\source\interface\misc\md5.cpp:252]: (error) Memory leak: s FileZilla Server\source\interface\misc\md5.cpp:269]: (error) Memory leak: s FileZilla Server\source\interface\misc\MarkupSTL.cpp:136]: (error) Mismatching allocation and deallocation: pBuffer FileZilla Server\source\misc\MarkupSTL.cpp:145]: (error) Mismatching allocation and deallocation: pBuffer FileZilla Server\source\misc\md5.cpp:261]: (error) Memory leak: s FileZilla Server\source\misc\md5.cpp:278]: (error) Memory leak: s

Good luck

#5080 fixed Rearrange tabs by drag & drop John

In the latest FileZilla (I currently have beta, but stable should be the same anyway), I would like the tabs to be re-arrangeable. Also, maybe extend this function to have the tabs be able to move to another filezilla window.

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