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#3552 A slash is missing joezhou

Version 3.0.11 i686-apple-darwin9 -g -O2 -Wall -g -fexceptions

When downloading or uploading a file which is exists on the target folder.

The message of the server side of the filename missing a slash between the directory path and the filename.

See attachments.

#4312 rejected A way to disable the "Theme" which slowly scans all files in the folder Steve

Seems that everyday my copy of Filezilla is getting slower and slower to start. I believe the problem comes from the "Theme" feature which scans executable on other file to tag on a nice little image.

This scanning should be a separate thread which doesn't affect the performance of the client. Currently it hangs until this scanning is done.

Please include a Theme named "Disable" and make no file scanning is done.

To test : Put 30-40 files in a folders which are executables. Also, try to go with a loaded "My Documents" folder.

#4985 duplicate A way to halt a upload or download of a particular file without removing it from the queue on right click Simon

There seems to be a lack of right click options for the upload/download queue v seems you can halt all the queue and remove all but lacks a option on right click to just halt and leave in the queue (pause) only way is to remove selected and then redrag it to the queue to resume it

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