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#2248 Option to Force Server IP for PASV Mode Alexander Schuch dynamicbits

When connecting to a NAT'd server, the server is not always aware of the external IP that has been used to access it. In a PORT transfer, this should not be a problem. However, in a PASV transfer, the server will send the NAT'd IP to the client.

SmartFTP has an option "Force Server IP for PASV Mode". I think this would be a nice feature to add to FileZilla.

#2251 Total progress bar Alexander Schuch jaredkatyafan

The only thing keeping me from adopting FileZilla as my FTP client of choice is the lack of a total file progress bar (most other clients I know of have one). I tend to download multiple files at a time, but FileZilla only shows %done and time left for each individual file (not the whole set). Having a separate area (or perhaps a tab) that contains a progress bar with %done and time left of the current file + %done and time left for the whole set of files being downloaded currently would be a big benefit and would make sure I tell everyone about FileZilla :)

#2254 Ftp sites passwords Alexander Schuch alx99

Is there a way to view ftp site password? When i export ftp sites list in xml, i can't see real passwords , but why can't they be like normal passwords?

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