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#2238 Command Line - Start Queue Processing Alexander Schuch jarib

Suggestion; FileZilla.exe -pq "c:\myqueue.xml"

Program Procedure; Startup FileZilla Process Queue "c:\myqueue.xml"

Result; In combination with the build in Scheduling Program in Windows, a scheduled transfer can be done.

User Instructions;

  1. Build a Queue in FileZilla
  2. Export Queue to a xml file.
  3. Go to the Windows Control panel and find the

Schedule program there, and add the above command, and schedule the tranfer to whenever. Close and forget, the computer do the rest.

#2248 Option to Force Server IP for PASV Mode Alexander Schuch dynamicbits

When connecting to a NAT'd server, the server is not always aware of the external IP that has been used to access it. In a PORT transfer, this should not be a problem. However, in a PASV transfer, the server will send the NAT'd IP to the client.

SmartFTP has an option "Force Server IP for PASV Mode". I think this would be a nice feature to add to FileZilla.

#2251 Total progress bar Alexander Schuch jaredkatyafan

The only thing keeping me from adopting FileZilla as my FTP client of choice is the lack of a total file progress bar (most other clients I know of have one). I tend to download multiple files at a time, but FileZilla only shows %done and time left for each individual file (not the whole set). Having a separate area (or perhaps a tab) that contains a progress bar with %done and time left of the current file + %done and time left for the whole set of files being downloaded currently would be a big benefit and would make sure I tell everyone about FileZilla :)

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