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#12032 rejected Bug when user exceeds storage quota while uploading a file using SFTP or FTPS hostedftp

Previously when a user used SFTP and exceeded a storage quota Filezilla would report an error indicating the user had exceeded the quota and would not upload the file. With the recent update this no longer happens and the user does not receive an error message but only a 0kb file is uploaded. User thinks upload is successful. Please see attached log file.

When using FTPS, the file is not uploaded however the system tries repeatedly to upload the same file over and over and over again. Please see attached log file.

Attached log file is for a user with a 0 storage quota uploading a 82,751 PNG file to the server.

#12025 rejected Pango:ERROR when start Filezilla installed by flatpak flanto

I installed Filezilla via flatpak, to have the last updated version, because on Ubuntu Xenial 16.04.06 there are only very previous versions. Then, when I start application by double-clicking on app icon nothing happen. Therefore I try to cut command line inside the application ".desktop" file and paste it on terminal window, to watch what happen when program start. At end the program crash with a "Pango Error", as you can see in the attached file.

Best regards.

#12014 rejected Password and access level permission suggestion Matt

I use FileZilla for uploading managing and files and folders in multiple sites on my laptop for multiple clients.

Sometimes I leave my laptop at hotel or a coffee shop, etc

I am suggesting to add an option to ask for password if FileZilla is inactive for certain time like 30 minutes. Admins can change or de-activate it at any time.

Also, it would be good to add different access level for file and folder management & access like allowing multiple users accessing a site, yet each person only can access and manage certain file and folders. It would be a great security resource for larger projects.



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