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#2561 A cut and paste saturn2888

I don't see a feature to copy or even cut and paste, and I as wondering how hard that would be to impliment. That's the only thing that seems to be holding this great FTP client back and if it was possible to do that, I'd be very happy. I searched back some requests and didn't find it. I hope I didn't just double this. Sorry if I did.

#3199 A few Blukis Icons look jagged in Medium and Small sizes arireads

For some reason a few of the Blukis icons look visibly jagged in my nowadays common display size (1280 x 1024)

The same icons loaded in SVG format (as posted in Filezilla forums) in Inkscape and then displayed at the same icon size/resolution (32 x 32, 64 x 64) look awesome, so this seems to be easily fixable.

This is specially evident in the icons containing the refresh circle, upload and download arrows, and the little earth.


#3654 A file...has been changed: upload? no. still does! agentforte

I am finding random files in my web directories, and I found a problem.

When I download a file, open it, edit it, and hit "save", the following prompt shows up:

A file previously opened has been changed: C:\Documents and Settings\FRANKF\My Documents\website\new_site\public_html\style\layoutFluid.css Upload this file to server?

(There is also a check box for "continue editing" which I leave unchecked)

I will click “no” and the file will uploads anyway to a random directory (not even the one that I originally downloaded the file from)

The last time it happened it was in a folder called "dev" and it uploaded to a subfolder (under dev) called "downloads". The time before I downloaded and edited a file from "style" and when I clicked "no" it uploaded to "testcart" (both directories on the same level)

I am using FileZilla Version – most recent version at this time.

I am using Microsoft Windows XP Professional Operating System Version 5.1.2600

This is a bit scarry, because I am not sure if any "index" files or other files that have the same name in different directories might be overwritten when this happens.

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