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#4981 fixed Synchronized Browsing does not reset when a new connection is open Will

When a new tab is opened the synchronized browsing button stays on, but synchronized browsing is off

#4986 fixed no response after directory creation Scott Erwin Gregory

PC Platform: Vista 64 Home Premium FileZilla Client

Version: 3.3.0

Build information:

Compiled for: i586-pc-mingw32msvc Compiled on: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu Build date: 2009-11-09 Compiled with: i586-mingw32msvc-gcc (GCC) 4.2.1-sjlj (mingw32-2) Compiler flags: -g -O2 -Wall -g -fexceptions

Linked against:

wxWidgets: 2.8.10 GnuTLS: 2.8.3

During synch browsing, created new directory in server-side tree; click-dragged existing file from lower in the same tree into the new file folder depicted in server side of the display window; I did not create concurrent client-side directory first (planned on downloading as a unit); when click-dropped old file into new directory (once again, this is all occurring on the server side of the display window) Zilla stopped responding immediately.

#4993 fixed Local default Directory for all Servers Xishi Pan Sebastian

An option which let's you define an default directory which is opened at FileZilla Start.

So you don't have to manually set the Same Folder as default local folder for all Servers.

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