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#2141 ask login detail Alexander Schuch fabiog

When I use Filezilla at work I must connect to the same ftp server with different login. So I must create in connection manager different site configuration (one per user) with only user name different. It's usefull to have a login question when you press a connection definition, so you can declare ftp server with a predefinited user and when use this definition the client prompt you for user (with default) and password.

Thanks and bye.

#2172 File Extension Conversion Alexander Schuch mortykun

The ability to setup a file extension conversion list in FileZilla would be really useful. EG if FileZilla could change all .cpp to .C extensions for windows to unix ftp's.

#2182 feature requests Alexander Schuch potion


FTP Navigator ( has some very nice features FileZilla ought to imitate. (Meanwhile, FTP Navigator has proven to be unstable in my use, hence my interest in FileZilla.)

In FTP Navigator, when you open the program, you're presented, in the right pane, with a list of all your servers. You can click on a server to establish a connection, or you can highlight a server and change its properties.

Here's where it gets good: In the properties for a server, you can specify both a starting remote path and starting local path. That way, when you click on a server to connect, the appropriate directory on your local machine opens and your preferred default location on the remote server opens. This is a very nice time saver -- and I can't imagine it would be hard for FileZilla's excellent developers to incorporate.

In FileZilla, by contrast, you have the option to have the program remember your last location on the local machine, but you can't associate different starting locations on the local machine with different remote servers.

I also prefer having the servers right there in the right pane when I open the program, rather than operating the quick connect pull-down provided in FileZilla.

Another nice feature in FTP Navigator. There's a text file containing all your server connections and the properties for those connections. That way, to transfer your connections and properties from one computer to another, you just take that text file and copy it to your other computer, and put it in the appropriate place in the program folder. This is great for synching your desktop with your laptop -- especially if you have lots of server connections to keep track of.

Regards, Ryan

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