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#2133 cr-lf translation between win and linux Alexander Schuch cqfma

I am moving this to this area (was incorrectly posted on the support request area, sorry).

The line ending bytes are different for text files on windows and for those on linux type os [cr vs cr,lf]. A nice feature some popular ssh and ftp clients have (, FTPExplorer) is to translate appropriately these text files when ASCII file transfer (either Auto based on extensions or Forced) is in effect. This makes it possible for almost all text browsers on both win and *x side show the file correctly on the respective os.

Please add this feature to FZ file transfer. If such an automatic translation is not desireable for some users, then may I suggest adding another preference setting to do this translation. Thank you!

#2140 comand line run and shutdown... Alexander Schuch anonymous

To be able to, from the command line, run a saved download, it goes to a time/datestamped folder, and then it shuts down. This would make for scheduled site backups.

#2141 ask login detail Alexander Schuch fabiog

When I use Filezilla at work I must connect to the same ftp server with different login. So I must create in connection manager different site configuration (one per user) with only user name different. It's usefull to have a login question when you press a connection definition, so you can declare ftp server with a predefinited user and when use this definition the client prompt you for user (with default) and password.

Thanks and bye.

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