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#12365 fixed New version of FileZilla does not preserve file timestamps Opticote

After installing the latest version of FileZilla client, the file timestamp data is no longer preserved on the transferred files. Verified that the option is still set in the transfer options.

#12363 fixed File corrupted when uploading via updated Filezilla Cristiano


We just updated our Filezilla Pro ( and sent a compressed file in WinRAR format (.rar) to an S3 bucket on AWS. The upload is successful and the download is successful, but when trying to extract the file it gives an error. We repeated the process several times and it doesn't work, and the compressed file on the source computer is unzipping normally. The problem is when we send the file. Since we sent and downloaded it through the AWS web interface and the file unzipped normally at the destination.

Please check.

I look forward and thanks.


#12361 worksforme context menu truncated Nick Levinson

A menu continues below the bottom of the viewport, so the bottom commands cannot be seen.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. This is based on the display resolution being 1440x900.
  1. Access a directory on either side of the window.
  1. Navigate to a directory that has no more than three folders (not counting the ".." pseudofolder) (I don't know whether the monitor's window size affects the number of folders and files relevant to this bug) and enough files to populate the pane to the bottom of the pane.
  1. Select the file on the bottom of the pane.
  1. Without vertically scrolling, context-click (usually right-click) that file. You'll get a menu but you won't be able to see the bottom of the menu.
  1. Tap the up-arrow just once. This will select the bottom command even though you can't see that selection.
  1. Keep tapping and count the taps (probably one or two more) until you have selected a command and you can read the selection.
  1. Tap esc to dismiss the menu without selecting a command.
  1. For a comparison showing proper menu behavior, select a file near the the top of the pane.
  1. Context-click that file. You'll get a menu and you'll be able to see all of it.
  1. Dismiss the menu without selecting a command.

Actuality: Truncation of menu, per STR 4.

Expectation: Whole menu no matter which file or folder we context-click.

Additional information:

When truncation could occur, the top of the menu should be above the file or folder selection, so that all of its commands are visible.

I tested selecting 3 adjacent files at the bottom of the viewport, putting the cursor (a pointer) at the bottom file in the selection, and context--clicking. The menu began at the cursor. Therefore, in some circumstances the menu should begin above the cursor, not at the cursor.

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