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#18 Unable to reset overwrite settings anonymous

There is currently no way to change the settings for how to handle matching filenames. You can choose to overwrite, overwrite if newer, skip, etc. on a file-by- file basis or make a choice and apply it to all files. However, once the choice is applied to all files, there is no further way to reset the choice. This can create difficulties, particularly where the server and client are out of sync on the clocks, which makes overwrite if newer problematic.

#26 File - reconnect anonymous

I think it could be a bug : I use filezilla 1.5a to upload something on an ftp, using quick connection (i write address ,user , password). I finish to use filezilla and i kill the program. When i run filezilla again and i go to

file - reconnect

filezilla reconnects to my ftp server even if the addres, user and password are blank. If i have used filezilla in an internet-point or in an other pubblic acces everyone could connect to my ftp and delete or upload anything.

#31 sort by date error starless

If you sort the remote file list by date ascending (i.e., the most recent file is at the top - two clicks on the "Date" column header), and you have various files with the same date, but different timestamps, then the sort order is wrong: the files created later in that same day are placed down, while they should be at the top of the list! I rephrase: in the situation I described, the days are sorted fine, but the times are inverted. I hope you got the point.

The problem does not occur in the local file list, neither does when the lists are sorted with the most recent file at the bottom.

PS: I'm amazed by your fast response to my feature requests... Great!

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