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#3896 Change the Directions of Arrows in the 'Download', Upload' and 'Add files to queue' icons according to context new icon, arrow, direction, download, add files Feature request normal
#4569 Inconsistent usability of icon bar icons new icon bar Bug report low
#10082 Add a new set of icons (for OSX) new icons Feature request normal
#11106 Toolbar icons/buttons vague and button status hard to determine new UI, interface, toolbar, icons Feature request normal
#11534 Copy vs Move Cursor Icon during drag 'n drop new Copy vs Move Cursor Icon during drag drop Bug report normal
#11663 Double Taskbar Icon new tray icon Bug report normal
#12561 Please add 64x64 icon new icon Feature request normal
#12794 OSX Icon! :) new icon, update icon Feature request normal
#12993 Document the process to submit a new Icon Theme new icon, iconset Feature request normal
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