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#10753 Recent update moreinfo Bug report normal
#9059 Recent Connections new Recent Feature request normal
#1647 Rearrange toolbar buttons new Feature request normal
#7249 Realtime search box accepted search firefox realtime search behzad Feature request high
#5345 Really Delete File "NAME_OF_THE_FILE"? new delete file or folder Feature request normal
#5352 Reading the file to be sent simultaneously with ftp send new Feature request normal
#8034 Read permission denied Truncates local file new read permission overwrite empty truncate dataloss Bug report normal
#7841 Re-downloading Server File new Feature request normal
#8200 Random (and usually slow) download speeds new random speeds, slow speeds Bug report normal
#8587 Race condition in upload: Collisions with previously failed transfers (?) new upload conflict race Bug report normal
#12455 REGRESSION: error message about filename encoding issue shows up every time at startup new Bug report high
#1676 Quota info in ftp log new quota Feature request normal
#11846 Quicker file search new file search path does not contain Feature request normal
#3681 Quickconnect includes all attempted logins, including fails reopened Feature request normal
#12508 Quickconnect does not load default local and remote directories on Sourceforge new Bug report normal
#12022 Quickconnect bar UI problem new Quickconnect bar;UI Bug report normal
#7950 QuickConnect should populate the Host/Username/... boxes assigned quickconnect Feature request normal
#4333 Quick transfer (or repeat queue) button, with pre-configured files to send new quick tansfer, pre-configured, send, files, macro Feature request normal
#8255 Quick enable/disable speed limit button new Feature request normal
#12189 Quick Connect failure new Bug report normal
#11838 Quick Connect bar only visible in full screen mode moreinfo quick connect bar Bug report normal
#7913 Quick Connect History: UX feature requests new quick connect history Feature request normal
#8388 Quick Connect Bar Settings lost after each new version update new Settings lost after new version Bug report normal
#5160 Queuing of delete and attribute actions new delete attributes slow queue Feature request normal
#2006 Queuing folder shortcut doesn't work new Feature request normal
#7783 Queued transfers dont reget if app restarts new queue resume reget Bug report normal
#8055 Queued files with relative paths puts folders in the wrong place new Bug report normal
#5465 Queued files window slow to update when enabling speed limits accepted praveen Bug report normal
#3011 Queued file listing view improvement. new Feature request normal
#1597 Queue, drag&drop new Feature request normal
#10771 Queue stalls while asking for confirmation new Feature request normal
#2642 Queue saving and editing tool new Feature request normal
#7865 Queue lost on close of program when multiple servers are being used new queue, crash, multiple servers Bug report normal
#11256 Queue error new Bug report normal
#2444 Queue creation new Feature request normal
#11861 Queue bar not displayed correctly on dark theme new "dark theme" "queue bar" Bug report normal
#2907 Queue autorecovery after crash new Feature request normal
#9084 Que errors new que error Bug report normal
#2255 Quality of Service (QoS) new Feature request normal
#11968 Publish/Quicktransfer button(s) required new Quicktransfer button Feature request high
#8802 Public Key in a folder with non-ANSI characters. new sftp ssh ppk public key Bug report high
#12954 Proxy password no more hidden (clearly visible) new password, proxy Bug report normal
#6194 Proxy Import Problem new Proxy, Import Bug report normal
#11719 Providers denies error report of filezilla new Bug report normal
#7824 Provide allocation of download & upload slot for View/Edit file new View / Edit Feature request normal
#4040 Provide a way to prefix/suffix timestamp for "Rename if file already exists" new Feature request normal
#10725 Provide Filezilla in Windows Store new windows, windows store, store Feature request normal
#11871 Prompted to download new version, but update fails, saying it can't write the .exe file new install,update,registration Bug report low
#7755 Program installs but doesn't display on screen. new program won't display Bug report normal
#12436 Program crashed when typing in custom chmod permissions new chmod Bug report normal
#5137 Process Queue vanishes if powercut or PC crashes new process queue Bug report normal
#12016 Problems Exporting FileZillah database new export Bug report normal
#12168 Problema scan new usuario y contraseña Bug report high
#12641 Problem with uploading files to Playstation moreinfo Playstation Bug report normal
#12815 Problem with graphic when renaming file/folder in Filzilla MacOS new Bug report high
#5677 Problem with fast connection if username is equal to 'anonymous' new anonymous password Bug report normal
#11947 Problem with downloaded PHP file used by WordPress in ASCII mode new Bug report normal
#5493 Problem while copying from Unixfolders to Windows with casesensitive filenames. new casesensitive copy Patch normal
#10296 Problem resizing winfdow in multiscreen configuration assigned Dual screen, resize, window ZeroCool Bug report normal
#11775 Problem connecting to SFTP using ssh key and password new ssh+password Feature request normal
#12285 Private key without extension not shown when adding site new Bug report normal
#12066 Private key / Key passphrase bug in 3.46.1 new private key passphrase Bug report high
#2213 Priority list for file transfers new Feature request normal
#12247 Priority and sorting not respected. reopened Bug report normal
#5459 Priority File Transfer List new Feature request high
#10817 Priority - View per tab instead of one clumsy list new priority Feature request normal
#12495 Previous File Access new Other normal
#11075 Prevent gaining focus on os x new focus, edit Bug report normal
#12763 Prevent date comparison between remote and local folders new date time folders compare Feature request normal
#11133 Pressing space bar while any entry of the Server list is focused automatically closes Site manager and logs i new Bug report normal
#10660 Press [Enter] to connect to site new Feature request normal
#5316 Preserve timestamps option is not discoverable new Feature request low
#7437 Preserve timestamps of uploaded files are not preserved new timestamp, unix Bug report high
#8730 Preserve timestamps of transferred files does not preserve for file type eml new timestamps eml Bug report normal
#6489 Prepend remote file location to temporary file name when editing. new Feature request normal
#4694 Preference option to bypass confirmation for remote edit upload trigger reopened automatic upload, external edit Bug report normal
#3971 Possible bug with "overwrite if file sizes are different" on large queues new Bug report normal
#5464 Possibility to edit temporary file location/structure new cache,temporary files Feature request high
#3918 Possibility to delete one item from history new Feature request normal
#6508 Possibility to delete items one by one from history new Feature request normal
#4952 Posibility to open a web page directly from the ftp new Feature request low
#12568 Portable version new Bug report normal
#11654 Pop up new Bug report high
#7820 Pointer collision in commandqueue between enqueue and dequeue new commandqueue, workaround, pointer, collision Bug report low
#2475 Plugins? new Feature request normal
#11925 Please include additional ftp file manipulation capabilities in FileZilla Client! new Feature request normal
#12079 Please help! latest update included a bug! new Bug report high
#8484 Please change "Selected file already being edited" box. new Feature request normal
#11039 Please change "Selected file already being edited" box new Bug report normal
#8945 Please add an up/down control to directly change max. of parallel filetransfers new Feature request normal
#12561 Please add 64x64 icon new icon Feature request normal
#12708 Please Implement Dark Mode new dark mode, dark theme Feature request normal
#4457 Persistent Queues new queues, crash, load, persistence Feature request low
#11272 Permissions change to during SFTP transfers new permissions Bug report normal
#11104 Permissions Change to 644 During SFTP Transfers new permissions Bug report normal
#10980 Permission change fail message new permissions Bug report normal
#11748 Periodic ETIMEDOUT, 425 response and Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing moreinfo Other normal
#8957 Performance improvement possibility new bandwidth Feature request normal
#8825 Per-tab limit on transfers new Feature request low
#12724 Path length new Bug report normal
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