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#12235 Upgraded FileZilla, transfers zero byte file with TLS error reopened Bug report normal
#12234 Unable to view/edit files with new version 3.49.1 new view/editr Bug report normal
#12227 OpenSSL library obsolete (currently 1.0.2k) new OpenSSL Feature request high
#12225 File upload error new Bug report normal
#12223 Error renaming a file new rename file Bug report normal
#12221 Failed Transfers tab is broken new Bug report critical
#12220 Uploads randomly failed new Bug report critical
#12219 Filezilla Pro Amazon S3 Secret Access Key is not saved anymore new Bug report high
#12216 New release Filezilla 3.49.0_win64-setup new update install failed Bug report low
#12213 Site Manager/Charset new Bug report normal
#12211 no access to my ftp sites with Vodafon new Other normal
#12210 Vertical scrollbar not resetting to 0 when changing foler new Bug report normal
#12208 Uploads unnecessarily slow new slow upload Feature request normal
#12207 can not be connect on macOS new Bug report normal
#12204 When queuing file for download Automatically scroll the Queued file list to the bottom new Feature request normal
#12203 Not connecting to server/directory new Bug report high
#12201 Unportable test(1) operator new Bug report normal
#12199 Unable to trust server certificates new Bug report normal
#12198 Unable To Install new Bug report critical
#12195 suggestion for tiny visual improvement.... new user interface Bug report normal
#12194 timestamp preservation when transferring from google drive to local new Bug report normal
#12193 Comprei e não recebi a chave new Feature request high
#12191 New version of Filezilla has trouble verifying certificates new unknown certificates Bug report blocker
#12190 Custom File Associations deleted by automatic update. new Bug report normal
#12189 Quick Connect failure new Bug report normal
#12188 Shortcut Generator new Shortcut Feature request normal
#12187 Fileziila worked fine until the latest update new Bug report high
#12185 Add a function to disable auto-download installer of new version new autoupdate Feature request normal
#12184 Custom filetype associations list is emptied after Filezilla update new file type view edit Bug report high
#12183 Wont give me password prompt new Bug report high
#12182 File type association: LOST!!! new Bug report critical
#12181 open / execute / file type error new Bug report normal
#12180 Filezilla 3.48.0 on macOS Catalina new Bug report normal
#12178 file type association new file type association Bug report normal
#12175 Client Intermittently Transferring Files moreinfo Bug report normal
#12173 Sorting queue with header doesn't follow remote order new Feature request low
#12172 Actually display all files when selecting a key new Patch normal
#12171 Opens two edit windows in Komodo IDE12 new editor Bug report normal
#12168 Problema scan new usuario y contraseña Bug report high
#12163 "Local site" gives "(some path) does not exist or cannot be accessed." error for some folders on mounted CIFS shares reopened CIFS, does not exist or cannot be accessed Bug report high
#12160 GnuTLS error -110: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated. moreinfo TLS Gnu issue Bug report normal
#12159 FileZilla Sometimes Cannot Upload to Server new bug mac Bug report normal
#12158 writing files on local harddisk new writing files Bug report normal
#12157 Directory tree size not saving new Bug report normal
#12156 Option to override default local directory new LocalDirectory SiteManager Location Folder Local Directory Override Feature request normal
#12155 Edited file randomly deleted reopened Bug report normal
#12154 Gesynchroniseerd bladeren new Bug report normal
#12153 SSL Private Key Password unencrypted new SSL, security Bug report critical
#12151 Misleading Error: "Connection closed by server" new Feature request normal
#12150 Eliminate Max Simultaneous Transfers limit of 10 new Maximum, Simultaneous, Transfers, Bigger, 10 Feature request normal
#12149 Can't Connect to SFTP server with newest version new mod_sftp Bug report high
#12145 Dialogue boxes extremely slow on Mac, new Bug report high
#12144 FileZilla Dark Mode new Feature request normal
#12143 FileZilla cannot connect to FTP server anymore new 425 data connection TLSOptions NoSessionReuseRequired Bug report normal
#12142 Error in it translation new Bug report normal
#12140 LOGIC BUG IN SYCRO NAVIGATION new Other normal
#12139 Can't connect under windows 8.1 new Bug report normal
#12138 Download and upload issues new Bug report normal
#12135 Copy/paste from Windows folder to FTP folder new copy paste Feature request normal
#12134 Host / Port information reopened HOST PORT Bug report low
#12133 High CPU usage, can't connect, program won't quit reopened cpu, connection, zombie process Bug report normal
#12131 "Assertion failed" when entering Windows-style path name into remote path field new Assertion failed Bug report normal
#12129 and ciphers are not supported new Bug report normal
#12128 Window Size of Client will not shrink new window size Bug report normal
#12127 Cannot show long filepath in pull-down over pane width new pulldown,dropdown,popup-menu,path Bug report normal
#12125 Standard local folder not work when in network new folder, local folder, sync Bug report normal
#12124 Ctrl Backspace in the directory bar new Bug report low
#12123 Folder already selected does not reload when clicking new folder, does not reload Bug report normal
#12121 Creating a new folder forces directory to go up a level new creating,folder,directory,bug Bug report high
#12120 Failed to retrieve directory listing new Bug report high
#12117 macOS Catalina UI bug prevents usage new macos catalina ui bug Bug report blocker
#12115 "It's the Server's Fault" new Bug report normal
#12113 Unable to View/Edit new View/Edit Bug report high
#12105 Invalid size window size for "Create new file" new Bug report normal
#12104 Can't log in to my server using FZ new Failed to retrieve directory listing Bug report normal
#12101 FileZilla > Settings > Interface > Minimize to tray weird behavior new filezilla Bug report high
#12097 MacOS : cannot cut/paste text via CMD-V new Cut, Paste, MacOS, Mac, OSX Bug report normal
#12096 FATAL ERROR: Network error: Software caused connection abort new Bug report normal
#12094 Can't restart an upload for a zero length file new restarting upload Bug report normal
#12092 Create New Directory Box is too small now - Can't see what directory you're creating new Bug report normal
#12090 Drag & Drop not working after update new drag;drop;update Bug report critical
#12088 paste using command+v closes create new directory dialog new Bug report normal
#12087 Right-Click Context menu provides provides fully-qualified pathname to File/Folder. new Feature request normal
#12086 Why am I banned from new banned, website Other high
#12085 Ctrl+Shift+Click behaves as Ctrl+Click for selection new Bug report critical
#12084 This site can’t be reached new Bug report critical
#12083 Edited file is uploading even server is not connected new Bug report critical
#12082 Synchronized Browsing cannot initiate a connection to the local site server new synchronized browsing, mac Bug report normal
#12080 Update LSMinimumSystemVersion in Info.plist for macOS new macOS Bug report low
#12079 Please help! latest update included a bug! new Bug report high
#12075 Can't transfer a file after installing the latest update before that OK. new Transferring Bug report normal
#12068 Event Handle Leak Bugfix submission for winsftp.c (in fzsftp.exe) new Bug report normal
#12066 Private key / Key passphrase bug in 3.46.1 new private key passphrase Bug report high
#12065 Site manager stuck when unable to load key file new Bug report blocker
#12063 New item in context menu Open file location new Feature request normal
#12058 Transitioning from full screen to desktop creates a tiny window for Filezilla new Bug report normal
#12057 I have a specific text file size 11,222,837 that will not complete uploading in Filezilla to my server and enters an endless cycle of failed attempts to upload. I've uploaded the log repeating sections, twice. moreinfo Failed Upload Bug report normal
#12055 min width window under win server 2012 R2 is too high (700px) new Bug report normal
#12054 Option to Disable Upload Successful Notification new Feature request normal
#12053 FileZilla client GUI acting as if single threaded new GUI freezes, single threaded, poor performance Bug report normal
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