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#1591 Automatic Folder Subtree Synchronization new Feature request normal
#8347 Automatic Update from to 3.7.3 fails reopened Bug report normal
#4387 Automatic protocol detection new useablity Feature request normal
#5419 Automatic resend of queued file when sending to mainframe new resend queue Bug report normal
#7735 Automatic selection of parallel upload transfers new Feature request normal
#8184 Automatically launch the latest jobs in the queue new jobs, tasks, queue Feature request normal
#2698 Automaticly check for files new Feature request normal
#11853 Automation FileZilla new javier Feature request normal
#4564 Average Transfer Rate on Completed/Failed Transfers new Feature request normal
#7320 Bad Packet Length or Corrupted MAC on input uploading large files new Bad Packet Length or Corrupted MAC on input Bug report normal
#5490 Bad behavior with changing priority while adding files to queue new Feature request low
#12326 Bad datetime stamp (timestamp) when downloading from Google Drive new modified datetime file stamp Bug report normal
#11839 Bank file download new Feature request high
#8992 Better & More Log Files new Log File, Feature request normal
#8855 Better IP filtering accepted mals mallory loflin Feature request high
#8660 Better handling / overview site manager list under Mac new Site manager Mac OS X Feature request normal
#5690 Better way to display errors new Feature request normal
#12337 Big Sur Release version new ssh Bug report critical
#10954 Binary file transfer mode must be a default file transfer mode. new Feature request normal
#7321 Binary instead of ASCII transfer of text files from Windows to Unix servers new binary ascii Bug report normal
#7779 Blinking butttons on bottom right corner of FZ Client new Other normal
#12391 Bookmarks List is not sorted automatically when a new bookmark is added new bookmark Bug report normal
#2752 Browse on remote directory on Advanced tab of Site Manager new Feature request low
#9830 Bug in Filezilla message "File transfer failed" new File transfer Bug report normal
#9307 Button Bar Customization new button bar Feature request normal
#5097 Button to save current local and remote directories as connection directories new Feature request normal
#12822 By default, Filezilla Server does not register any exclusions in Windows Firewall, cannot connect until exclusions added to Windows firewall new firewall, connection Feature request normal
#7874 Bypass proxy for all local sites new bypass proxy local Feature request normal
#1905 CHOWN option new Feature request normal
#12802 CSS file does not upload correctly moreinfo CSS upload Bug report normal
#4005 Calculate md5 on upload, and create file on server with md5 digest new Feature request normal
#7420 Calculate md5sum from original.file and send a original.file.md5 file. new md5sum Feature request normal
#1728 Can Make a small pause? new Feature request normal
#11477 Can no longer resume paused transfers new Bug report normal
#12008 Can not bring Filezilla to front. new front, active Bug report normal
#7810 Can not connect to sftp server if putty have a same site setting. new zlib, putty Bug report high
#7166 Can not download files with german tokans assigned bug german letters petras Bug report normal
#11676 Can not pull up files. Error: Server sent unsorted certificate chain in violation of the TLS specifications reopened Glynn Myers Bug report normal
#12647 Can not upload new Bug report high
#12149 Can't Connect to SFTP server with newest version new mod_sftp Bug report high
#12050 Can't access any FTP server new Bug report normal
#12300 Can't acess a server new Command AUTH TLS - Timeout Bug report normal
#7173 Can't add bookmarks for MVS paths new Bug report normal
#10986 Can't ale to connect my Server moreinfo Bug report normal
#12241 Can't complete registration/log in new Bug report high
#12009 Can't connect new server Other normal
#11145 Can't connect to any SFTP using specific internet provider moreinfo sftp Bug report low
#12257 Can't connect to server new Bug report high
#12139 Can't connect under windows 8.1 new Bug report normal
#8250 Can't create thread (error 8: Not enough storage is available to process this command) new Other critical
#8263 Can't delete a file when the first character is a space character reopened Bug report normal
#11868 Can't download a folder while other downloads are in progress new Feature request low
#5309 Can't download files to UNC new Bug report normal
#5200 Can't list files from a server with Compaq Tru64 UNIX Version 5.60 using TYPE I reopened Bug report normal
#12104 Can't log in to my server using FZ new Failed to retrieve directory listing Bug report normal
#7175 Can't move Filezilla for Mac window. The top of Filezilla is stuck under the Mac menu bar. reopened can't move filezilla window Bug report high
#11956 Can't open old 32bit client but need to import site details new Bug report normal
#12094 Can't restart an upload for a zero length file new restarting upload Bug report normal
#12075 Can't transfer a file after installing the latest update before that OK. new Transferring Bug report normal
#4644 Can't uninstall a single user only install in Vista new Bug report normal
#11642 Can't upgrade software "Error opening file for writing" new Bug report normal
#9809 Cancel/Disconnect buttons don't stop file/folder transfer moreinfo_accepted Stephen L'Allier Patch normal
#4023 Cancelled transfers are added to the Successful transfers list assigned Bruno Ramos Bug report normal
#11949 Cannot Connect to Server new Bug report normal
#11266 Cannot Log into a Specific Site new Login, Tmeout dnl Bug report high
#11544 Cannot connect SFTP with DEBIAN 9 Openssh moreinfo Debian 9, SFTP Bug report normal
#5334 Cannot connect to SFTP server: "Server unexpectedly closed network connection" new sftp, connection closed Bug report high
#5365 Cannot convert from the charset 'Unknown encoding (-1)' reopened Bug report normal
#5111 Cannot easily manage SSL certificates saved in trustedcerts.xml through filezilla client new SSL certificate management Feature request normal
#12672 Cannot log into OneDrive for Business new Bug report normal
#7952 Cannot manipulate remote files that end with an asterisk new asterisk delete file name Bug report normal
#8271 Cannot move OSX client window in the normal fashion new Title Tool Bar Bug report normal
#11770 Cannot open subdirectories in directory tree after updating reopened Can't open folders, cannot right click to select Open Bug report high
#12003 Cannot paste new folder name on external site new paste, new folder Bug report normal
#11973 Cannot paste password into "Enter password" dialog new Bug report normal
#12127 Cannot show long filepath in pull-down over pane width new pulldown,dropdown,popup-menu,path Bug report normal
#12452 Cannot transfer mail files recursively moreinfo Bug report normal
#4629 Case Sensitive File Transfers/Overwrite new Bug report normal
#10786 Case sensitive files = Failed transfer new case sensitive Bug report normal
#12864 Certificate based transfers request password (and 2FA) new Bug report normal
#11509 Certificate dialog is not scrollable and too big on small screens new Bug report normal
#9058 Certificates not verified through their chain to the root CA new Bug report normal
#12451 Change files permissions app crash new permissions crash Bug report critical
#1815 Change number of simultaneous transfers on the fly new Feature request normal
#9405 Change permission doesn't work on symlink new permission, symlink Bug report normal
#3896 Change the Directions of Arrows in the 'Download', Upload' and 'Add files to queue' icons according to context new icon, arrow, direction, download, add files Feature request normal
#4452 Changing the GUI for handling priority new Feature request normal
#9810 Check for Fat32 and do something if file being downloaded > fat32 limit. new fat32 Feature request normal
#12312 Choose a key file dialog ("all files") doesn't show files without an extension new Bug report high
#8139 Citrix Client drives not visible in FileZilla new citrix,xenapp,filezilla,clientdrives Bug report high
#11066 Clarify "Saving of passwords has been disabled" dialog box. new Feature request normal
#4192 Clear Indication When Data Is or Is Not Encrypted new Feature request normal
#7997 Clear local directory dropdown when connecting to new server in same tab reopened gui Feature request low
#8054 Click-dragging file transfers in a certain way quickly can make FileZilla unresponsive new frozen,dialog boxes,identical,overwrite Bug report normal
#12243 Client new Feature request normal
#10601 Client - Option to inherit local permissions on downloaded files new permission-handling Feature request normal
#12175 Client Intermittently Transferring Files moreinfo Bug report normal
#2075 Client Traffic Logs new Feature request normal
#5088 Client User Interface : Each server tab should have its own message log pane new tab message log pane Feature request normal
#9390 Client confused trying to rename local file new rename, memory, local Bug report normal
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