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Ticket Summary Status Keywords Owner Type Priority
#11184 folders or files selection impossible during work new Bug report high
#12489 filezilla.xml could not be loaded new filezilla.wml Bug report high
#7777 filezilla.xml Corrupt new setting Other normal
#10735 filezilla undefined symbol: _ZN2fz13local_filesys14path_separatorE moreinfo Bug report low
#10744 filezilla not working after update(FileZilla_3.15.0.1) moreinfo Bug report high
#7472 filezilla for windows uses 2 connections for 1 thread new Bug report normal
#4834 filezilla does not work with UNIX systems where the user accounts shell is set to "rssh" reopened rssh, osx, linux, shell Bug report normal
#8772 filezilla client: bind transfers/connections to specific NIC new nic binding, ip binding Feature request normal
#10712 filezilla client not falling back to IPv4 new ipv6 Bug report normal
#7252 filezilla client does not work connecting to Stratus VOS new Stratus VOS Bug report normal
#12837 filezilla CLIENT crash with no error ! moreinfo crash no error before Bug report normal
#9111 filezilla 3.7.3 on big queues missing files don't get signaled new transfer queue window Bug report normal
#5054 filetype associations case sensitive new file-association, case sensitive, ignore case Bug report normal
#9030 files larger than original after filezilla says successful new Bug report normal
#8729 files get lost from "not transfered" to transfer list => ALWAYS "not all files re-listed" new Bug report normal
#7248 files do no list if user group has spaces new SFTP user group spaces files do not list Bug report high
#12472 files disappearing new files disappear, files deleted, files dissapearing Bug report normal
#11112 filename comparison and file transfer logic don't match when filename has diacritics new diacritic, hfs+, utf-8 Bug report high
#12178 file type association new file type association Bug report normal
#12509 file size limit in download moreinfo Limited download file size Bug report normal
#9206 file size larger on server after upload causing mp3 to repeat last 45 seconds to minute new Bug report normal
#4577 file manager import is duplicating teh entries new Bug report normal
#12665 file icons changed new files folders yellow linked Bug report normal
#1635 file exists option: skip on same file, size (and time) new Feature request normal
#4554 file exists action - add overwrite if source file larger option new overwrite source file larger Feature request normal
#7728 file appears in successfully transferred tab even when cancelled new Bug report normal
#7890 feature request - git/version control new git versioncontrol Feature request low
#9016 feature request - auto connect new Feature request normal
#5260 fast switch option for maximum simultaneous transfers new fast switch maximum simultaneous transfers Feature request high
#9921 false handling of file attributes in sftp protocol new sftp, attribute, attr, attrs, attributes, longname Bug report normal
#10575 example text file association for wrong OS new file-association, text-wording Bug report low
#12043 error: gestor de onedrive el cuadro de authentication se queda en blanco new Filezilla pro Bug report normal
#12412 error while reading: received a short buffer from FXP_READ, but not at EOF 3.53.1 Version new Bug report normal
#12444 error when delete folder new delete Bug report normal
#2386 editable list of latest connections new Feature request normal
#4964 easyly change number of simltaneous transfers new Feature request normal
#4965 easily reorder file transfers new Feature request normal
#11670 missing from FileZilla_3.35.1_src.tar.bz2, breaking macOS builds new Bug report normal
#11543 duplicate search/ricerca duplicati new Feature request normal
#12857 dropdown list background black new Bug report high
#12549 new Feature request critical
#2747 drag to current folder rather than subfolder new Feature request normal
#9404 download speed limited by directory traversal speed new speed suggestion Feature request high
#2053 download from URL using Quick Connect Bar new Feature request normal
#4293 doubleclick action: open new doubleclick open Feature request normal
#11607 double-click to download from search window new search, double-click, directory tree Feature request normal
#12367 disconnects from server new Bug report normal
#5348 disable/hide local directory view reopened local directory view Feature request normal
#8860 disable timezone detection new Feature request normal
#8111 disable option for caching directory listing new cache Feature request normal
#11836 directory tree pane is undesirably resized after restart for 1st tabbed connection new directory tree, resize Bug report normal
#8986 directory path wrongly extracted from url (problems on chrooted accounts) new chroot, path, directory Bug report normal
#7178 directory listing is not always refreshed after uploading a file accepted Rahul Bug report normal
#12958 directory comparison - strange results! new Bug report normal
#2153 different local filesystem view new Feature request normal
#11236 dialog window position on dual monitor issue new dual monitor dialog position Bug report high
#1614 dialog box "File Exist" when minimized new Feature request normal
#10724 desktop entry file: add key MimeType new Patch normal
#11347 deleting symlink deletes files in linked folder new symlink, delete, FTP, linux, windows Bug report normal
#7289 default site new Feature request normal
#11261 default screen selection after use on Dual screen system new desktop area Other low
#12787 default remote directory doesn save ending slash new default Bug report normal
#1608 cut, copy, and paste new Feature request normal
#8707 create remote new file based on OS/environment "new file" facility new create new file Feature request low
#11196 crash on completion of queue moreinfo crash Bug report high
#1749 convert filename to upper or lower case before transfer new easy Feature request normal
#8288 consider "invalid character replacement" in "compare directories" and "transfer files" new Feature request normal
#8811 connection to server freezes after specified time being connected new timeout, disconnect Bug report normal
#12701 connection problems after updating to 3.59.0 new connection problems;sftp;update Bug report blocker
#12919 connection au serveur new Bug report normal
#7241 config option to select a private keyfile from pageant per server new auth pageant keyfile Axel Huizinga Feature request normal
#7216 compare files before edit new Feature request normal
#1922 command line: start queue processing new Feature request normal
#2199 command line: Perform a Custom Command (SFTP/SSH) new customcommand, custom_command, custom command, custom, command, sftp, ssh, "not supported" Feature request normal
#4670 collapse/expand queues ability new collapse, expand, queue, file list Feature request low
#4715 closing search dialog causes reconnect new Bug report low
#4531 choosing gateway for element in the queue OR for the full queue new gateway Feature request normal
#5711 check if a file is in the queue before it can be deleted new Feature request normal
#7792 characters mirrored in transfer tab [hebrew] new gui Bug report normal
#12709 change size overwrite window new Bug report high
#12850 cant upload data from my computer any more new authoration Bug report normal
#12921 cannot verify with email credentials correct new Bug report normal
#4490 cannot list symbolic links reopened cannot list symbolic links Bug report normal
#12756 cannot hold down shift button and select multiple files new Bug report normal
#11782 cannot drag file to mail app new mail, drag, file Bug report normal
#11957 cannot copy file from pc to dvi even though it had been working before new Bug report normal
#7739 cannot connect to sftp server - "Too many authentication failures for user" reopened sftp, too-many-authentication-failures Feature request high
#12278 cannot connect to server new Bug report normal
#11879 can't view/edit files with program associated in settings new Bug report normal
#12727 can't connect to ProFTPD server new ProFTPD Bug report critical
#11844 can't access govcloud s3 buckets new s3, aws, govcloud Bug report normal
#12835 can't access directories new time out large directory directories Bug report high
#11857 can not log on to FileZilla new Bug report normal
#12207 can not be connect on macOS new Bug report normal
#10143 buttons in update window not visible using screen resolution 1024 x 600 moreinfo_accepted screen resolution, update, popup window Stephen L'Allier Patch normal
#9367 bulk upload new Feature request normal
#5281 built-in Ident (auth) server assigned Feature request normal
#12949 bug with screen reader new log, screen reader, fields Bug report high
#12266 bug with manual transfer : its no longer automatically retrieving login details for the currently connected server new manual transfer, not automatically retrieving login details for currently connected server Bug report high
#1820 browse for local folder new Feature request normal
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