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#8590 Directory listing with proftpd mod_sftp reopened Bug report normal
#11993 Directory listing cap error new remote file 10000 max Bug report critical
#7737 Directory listing "updates backwards" new Bug report normal
#7906 Directory list should support pressing first letter new Feature request normal
#9085 Directory list parsing incorrect using SFTP new directory, date format Bug report normal
#2191 Directory drag & drop option reopened drag-and-drop move directory Tim Kosse Feature request high
#7227 Directory and filename parsing issues with OSX machine bound to Active Directory new active directory, mac, group, Remote Login Bug report high
#11395 Directory Tree Column Sort Order Arrow doesn't toggle properly on Mac new Bug report normal
#5142 Directory Comparison disabled when deleting remote directories new Bug report normal
#8916 Directory Comparison Untoggles after Remote Site Folder Delete new Bug report normal
#5461 Directory Comparison Not Reporting Properly For File Size reopened Directory Comparison Bug report normal
#7863 Directory Caching new caching, directory caching,file listing Feature request normal
#2194 DirSync Mirror new Feature request normal
#8306 Different transfer type for downloads and uploads new transfer type, ascii, binary Feature request normal
#5467 Different default options for Remote and Local files new Feature request normal
#2122 Differant directory views new Feature request normal
#12145 Dialogue boxes extremely slow on Mac, new Bug report high
#10881 Dialog is titled "Cannot show dialog" but i can see it new Bug report low
#10798 Description within installer executable and FileZilla executable new installer, client, ftp, description, least privilege Feature request normal
#7813 Deliting files recursively SFTP new recursive,delete,sftp Feature request low
#10797 Deletion of Downloaded Update File new update, file, delete Feature request low
#11449 Deletion does not resume after server disconnects new Bug report normal
#2924 Deleting several directories simultaniously new Feature request normal
#6492 Deleting a symbolic link removes the linked directory content instead of deleting itself new delete symbolic link Bug report high
#4378 Delete source file(s) after transfer new Feature request normal
#8006 Delete performed before download in queue new delete,queue Feature request normal
#7262 Delete one line of history new removing history Feature request normal
#11584 Delete group which is in use cancel button in German new Bug report normal
#11539 Delete capacity moreinfo delete file quantity Bug report normal
#11078 Delete Specific Items from Quickconnect Bar new quickconnect Feature request high
#7730 Delete Entry in Site manager on uninstall new Site manager Bug report normal
#7907 Delay loading of file list when going through directories new Feature request normal
#3723 Define standard applications to OPEN files of certain types new file types standard application Feature request normal
#4218 Default filter set for site profiles new site profile, filter set, filter, site manager Feature request normal
#4347 Default file exists action on Queued Files not selected upon succeding open of dialog box new default file exists action Bug report low
#1920 Default file attributes new umask, permission-handling Feature request high
#8325 Default editor preference does not work properly new Editor Bug report normal
#7258 Default action after queue complete new queue complete action Feature request normal
#6511 Default System Language new Default system language Bug report low
#7954 Default Remote Directory sometimes fails if Default local directory is not found new default directory Bug report low
#10276 Default Action after Queue completion new queuecompletion Feature request normal
#1861 Decrease Queue Bytes Remaining as File is Downloaded new easy Feature request normal
#12045 Data connection TLS warning: SSL3 alert write: fatal: bad record mac moreinfo TLS, SSL, Connection Bug report normal
#11284 Dangerous shortcut on OS X new Bug report low
#11992 DOrsini MacBook new Bug report normal
#5225 DDE execute request failed.. new DDE execute synchronous Bug report normal
#8705 DDE Execute Request Failed: a transaction failed new Bug report normal
#5537 Cut&Paste/Move feature new Feature request normal
#11023 Customize blacklist message "No connections allowed from your IP" new custom, customize, blacklist, message Feature request normal
#2335 Customizable keyboard shortcuts new Feature request normal
#7830 Custom Command "Site Trailingblanks" not working with z/OS FTP server new custom command, site trail Bug report normal
#12085 Ctrl+Shift+Click behaves as Ctrl+Click for selection new Bug report critical
#12124 Ctrl Backspace in the directory bar new Bug report low
#8759 Ctrl + Shift + N keyboard shortcut to create a new directory new directory, new directory, shortcut, Feature request normal
#11325 Critical file transfer error reopened Other normal
#12041 Critical file transfer error new Salem Bug report normal
#9088 Creation date appears in Last Modified column on FTP to OpenVMS new Bug report normal
#12121 Creating a new folder forces directory to go up a level new creating,folder,directory,bug Bug report high
#9896 Create non-existent local folders when synchronized browsing new synchronized browsing create folder local missing Feature request normal
#12092 Create New Directory Box is too small now - Can't see what directory you're creating new Bug report normal
#8774 Crashes on exit new CRASH EXIT Bug report normal
#10863 Could not read from socket: ECONNRESET moreinfo ECONNRESET Bug report normal
#11778 Could not connect to server error new Could not connect to server Bug report critical
#11604 Could not connect to server new Bug report normal
#11842 Could not connect to server new could not connect to server Bug report normal
#7352 Cosmetic issue with error messages for on manual transfer dialog new Bug report normal
#12135 Copy/paste from Windows folder to FTP folder new copy paste Feature request normal
#11534 Copy vs Move Cursor Icon during drag 'n drop new Copy vs Move Cursor Icon during drag drop Bug report normal
#10173 Copy quick connection parameters to fields new Feature request normal
#6488 Copy full filename in local queue pane to clipboard new Feature request high
#9094 Copy file new Feature request normal
#2668 Copy failed downloads to Clipboard new Feature request normal
#2261 Copy directory listing to clipboard or file new easy Feature request normal
#9220 Copy and paste a file or directory new copy, paste, duplicate Feature request normal
#11069 Copy URL to clipboard is not working correctly new Copy URL to clipboard Bug report normal
#4826 Copy HTTP URL/View URL Suggestion new Feature request normal
#2419 Copy & Paste between FileZilla & Explorer new Feature request normal
#3007 Conv't way to Add Site from Site Manager to QuickConnect Bar new Feature request normal
#11807 Continuous Duplicate File Downloads moreinfo Bug report normal
#8221 Continue load non-existing files when "File exists"-dialog appears new file exists dialog Feature request normal
#4568 Context menu on transfer queue tabs new transfer queue tabs context menu Feature request low
#9073 Context menu in Edited Dialog (Ctrl+E) new ctrl+e, hotkeys, menu хз Feature request normal
#11562 Connexion FTP new FTP ERROR 257 Bug report normal
#11116 Connection issue, File upload issue, and File edit issue moreinfo Unknown command 99 get attrs for no such file or directory view edit Bug report normal
#5257 Connection Timeout on all sites since moving to 3.3.2 - cannot connect new connection time out Bug report normal
#5474 Connection Time out; file transfer failed accepted Time out Evans Bug report normal
#7157 Connecting to a B&R PLCs FTP results in an error after successfully requesting the current directory reopened Bug report normal
#4280 Connect from history feature proposal new Feature request normal
#10928 Conflict between hidden files and directory comparison new Feature request normal
#5631 Configuration file typos new Bug report low
#9857 Configuration Test Wizard Failed, new Connection Test Wizard Failed Other normal
#4957 Configuarble local directories accepted Temp directory Xishi Pan Feature request normal
#5166 Completely hide the local directory pane new Feature request normal
#5498 Compare remote files from two servers new Feature request normal
#2837 Compare file contents with external program (File Diff) new File Diff Feature request normal
#8592 Common Name in SSL/TLS certificates is not checked against the server name connected to new checkt tls common name Bug report normal
#10154 Command line option: select encryption new Feature request normal
#7371 Command line option to bring up an Enter Password dialog. new Feature request normal
#10888 Command line help screen not localized new CLI, Translation Bug report normal
#5494 Command line argument - Process Queue new Feature request normal
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