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Ticket Summary Status Keywords Owner Type Priority
#2086 Overall Progress new ETA, remaining, overall, progress Feature request high
#7903 Output files ae not be locked while written to new file locking Bug report normal
#12535 Outdated documentation accepted Fabio Alemagna Bug report normal
#7192 Other protocols for FileZilla client new Feature request normal
#4123 Options to set default values for new Site Manager entries new Feature request normal
#8742 Options - Auto Changing Simultaneous Transfers new Simultaneous Transfers Feature request normal
#12313 Optionally automatically rename/move remote individual files after downloading new test Feature request normal
#12156 Option to override default local directory new LocalDirectory SiteManager Location Folder Local Directory Override Feature request normal
#2230 Option to not ask 'break current connection?' new easy Feature request normal
#7718 Option to ignore server features new FEAT, option, advanced Feature request normal
#5033 Option to gaurantee order of directory listings when adding to queue new Feature request normal
#5610 Option to disable/enable all Default Local Directories in Site Manager new local directory missing removed slow hung startup Feature request normal
#10687 Option to disable the greeting menu new Feature request normal
#9882 Option to contol the reconnect feature new Feature request normal
#7304 Option to allow automatic updates new update automatic client Feature request normal
#1611 Option to Queue Actions for Later new queue Feature request normal
#12054 Option to Disable Upload Successful Notification new Feature request normal
#7921 Option for grouping bookmarks by folders new bookmark Feature request normal
#8930 Option for directory comparison: test only files new directory comparison modification time Feature request normal
#5222 Option : Default Directory Hides Parent Directories new Feature request normal
#11803 Openstack Swift - Large object support new openstack swift Feature request normal
#12171 Opens two edit windows in Komodo IDE12 new editor Bug report normal
#7199 Opens in Previous Extended Desktop Location After Monitor Orientation Change new extended desktop, orientation Bug report normal
#11777 Openning error new Bug report critical
#7946 Opening local files does not use default application new Local Open Defualt Bug report normal
#12311 Opening Files new Bug report high
#12227 OpenSSL library obsolete (currently 1.0.2k) new OpenSSL Feature request high
#8102 Open in new tab context menu new tab Feature request normal
#10865 Open directory in new tab new directory, new connection, folder Feature request normal
#11994 Open and close Queued Files on transfer new Feature request normal
#9511 Open URL: change Quickconnect label "Host:" to "Host/URL:", make "Remote site:" accept URL, add "File -> Open URL" cmd new open, connect, url, usability, ui, text-wording Feature request normal
#9842 Only one local subfolder shows in top pane for local files new Bug report normal
#12237 Only 9998 files on remote folders new folders, file numbers, Bug report normal
#11878 One of my Websites Doesn't Connect new connect, server Bug report normal
#5622 One click file backup new Feature request normal
#9022 On Up/Down speed icon in status bar, mouse over text reports incorrect information new Bug report low
#10804 On Mac, "return" key should trigger colored button on windows new Bug report normal
#10964 On Download from FTP to Windows some random files have size 0 moreinfo download fails Bug report normal
#11474 Old password used when sending files new old password, password change, right-click upload, select and upload, in-memory password, outdated password Bug report normal
#7908 Often locking folder navigation on Mac after awhile new connection timeout folder lock Bug report normal
#10363 Offer more UTF-8 options for Quickconnect and Settings new UTF-8 UTF8 Unicode Quickconnect Settings Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit, SP1, 6.1.7601 Feature request normal
#12541 Obscene filepath leads to Auth Failed. moreinfo Bug report normal
#10086 OSX autoupdate fails new Bug report high
#12794 OSX Icon! :) new icon, update icon Feature request normal
#10757 OSX Filename Filters toggle key not working new Mac, OSX, Filename Filters, Keyword Bug report normal
#11060 OSX Automatic update new osx update install Feature request normal
#5302 OSX - Cannot recognise OSX folder aliases new Bug report normal
#11268 OS sleep and wake up causes loss of sync / errors in client. new OS sleep Bug report normal
#9977 OS X: Keyboard mnemonics on buttons override default edit control actions (e.g. Cmd+V) assigned Tim Kosse Bug report high
#11009 OS X UI - Target File Already Exists dialog layout issue moreinfo UI Bug report low
#9690 Numpad Enter not working as file upload new Bug report normal
#11952 Number of files on remote folder new Bug report low
#7234 Number of connections to set per server new Feature request normal
#12393 Not possible to delete huge amount of files new Bug report normal
#12203 Not connecting to server/directory new Bug report high
#7336 Not able to export the bookmarks new Bug report high
#12245 Non Updating of Folder Structure After Changing External Drives new Bug report normal
#2001 Non Default Login Retry Dela new Feature request normal
#10256 No word wrap in user description new word wrap user description Feature request normal
#11149 No way to remove all files from queue that are not being uploaded/downloaded new Feature request low
#11420 No visible tooltip new tooltip Bug report normal
#11350 No program associated with filetype new filetype Bug report normal
#11551 No option to choose whether or not to download updates new download updates Bug report normal
#11851 No internet connection for imac on High sierra. new No internet connection Bug report normal
#11852 No internet connection for imac on High sierra. new No internet connection Bug report normal
#10843 No Such File or Directory moreinfo no such file or directory Bug report normal
#7851 No Proxy settings for client update new Feature request normal
#12490 No ASCII transfer from web server to PC new ASCII transfer Bug report normal
#10761 Nightly Windows installer don't say its nightly new windows installer nightly Feature request normal
#12191 New version of Filezilla has trouble verifying certificates new unknown certificates Bug report blocker
#7367 New version disables trust this certificate check box for self generated certificates new Bug report normal
#4895 New startup option new startup Feature request low
#12216 New release Filezilla 3.49.0_win64-setup new update install failed Bug report low
#11242 New layout of file and directory panes moreinfo layout panes windows theme workspace Feature request normal
#12063 New item in context menu Open file location new Feature request normal
#7407 New function for uploads: backup and overwrite new Feature request normal
#11515 New field in statusline new Statusline Feature request normal
#5425 New feature - Transfer log export new transfer log export Feature request normal
#12013 New Folder Popup is closing with copied Text - MAC new Bug report normal
#12553 New FileZilla Version Not Accessing Remote Folder Correctly assigned remote folder Bug report normal
#8203 Never ever recovers from a network failure. Can't resume a queue. Disconnect/reconnect doesn't fix, only restart new Bug report high
#12362 Neue Version übernimmt Datum beim Herunterladen nicht new Zeit- Datumsangaben werden nicht übernommen Bug report high
#11359 Network "Default local directory" not influencing directory listing in "Local site" pane. new Bug report normal
#7377 Nervewrecking error popups when forcing win proprietary encoding new windows national encoding charset codepage Bug report high
#5162 Needs to refresh file size so progress bar is accurate on download new progress, progressbar, refresh, mdtm, size Feature request low
#7386 Need an improvement aboud exporting sites to xml file. new site manager Feature request normal
#12259 Need Host ID and Port ID new Bug report high
#1870 Navigation Buttons new Feature request normal
#10666 Navigating with Backspace needs improvement new Bug report normal
#10900 Navigable locations for Remote and Local paths new breadcrumb navigation Feature request low
#4821 Native progressbar API new Feature request normal
#5047 Native Viewing of .tgz/.tar.gz files, .zip files, and .bz2 files within FileZilla new native compressed archive support Feature request normal
#9314 NSIS temp folder error new Bug report high
#9018 NSIS Error when trying to run new installation of 3.7.3 win 32 reopened temp folder Bug report normal
#12439 N dar para por Ficheiros assigned N sei Afonso Bug report normal
#11027 My pdf files are not uploading moreinfo Bug report normal
#12239 My FileZilla wont start up? assigned wont start up Bug report critical
#4230 Multiple windows/server for Mac reopened Feature request low
#12049 Multiple windows desired new directory handling Feature request normal
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