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#11597 ../config/test-driver crashing starting with 0.12.2 new Bug report normal 6 years
#12554 Fix building of libfilezilla-0.34.0 on OpenBSD new Patch normal 3 years
#12658 libfilezilla: impersonation code is Linux-specific new Bug report normal 2 years
#12699 libfilezilla: undefined reference to __atomic_exchange_1 in the RISC-V platform new Bug report normal 2 years
#12751 Patches for libfilezilla 0.38.1 new Patch normal 22 months
#12759 application crashes on close when master password was enabled moreinfo Bug report normal 22 months
#12868 Missing/transitive <cstdint> includes (GCC 13 failure) new Bug report normal 15 months
#13005 Consider disabling tls1.0 and tls1.1 tests. new Bug report normal 6 months
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