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#12307 [Patch] Auto-update proposal reopened Patch high 3 years
#12371 Add 'Keywords' entry to .desktop file. Fixes lintian warning under Debian new Patch normal 3 years
#12616 Synchronized browsing is not turned on when reconnecting new Patch normal 22 months
#12648 [PATCH]Windows Long PATH support new Patch high 20 months
#12688 fzsftp could not be started new Patch normal 18 months
#12752 MinGW-W64 compiler detection using clang and lld fix new Patch normal 14 months
#1520 (Repeated) action after queue completion reopened Tim Kosse Other normal 16 years
#4719 Fails to Connect through proxy new Other high 14 years
#7208 Regarding FTP Connectoin new Other critical 13 years
#7777 filezilla.xml Corrupt new Other normal 12 years
#7779 Blinking butttons on bottom right corner of FZ Client new Other normal 12 years
#8250 Can't create thread (error 8: Not enough storage is available to process this command) new Other critical 11 years
#9563 Multi-User Citrix environment does not allow multiple users to use FileZilla new Other normal 9 years
#9857 Configuration Test Wizard Failed, new Other normal 9 years
#10880 Add trac URL to Report-Msgid-Bugs-To in POT file new Other low 7 years
#11006 EConnRefused error (unable to find a solution on any threads) moreinfo_reopened Other normal 7 years
#11182 More details, please ! new Other normal 7 years
#11190 TRANSFER FILE ELAPSE ISSUE moreinfo PABLO Other low 7 years
#11261 default screen selection after use on Dual screen system new Other low 6 years
#11325 Critical file transfer error reopened Other normal 6 years
#11393 Some files are missing when I transfer file over a server. new Other normal 6 years
#11396 Too big icon in Dock (Mac OS) new Other normal 6 years
#11464 Requeue Failed Transfers via Shortcut Keys new Other normal 6 years
#11470 Virus infection with Filezilla 3.29.0 downloads new Other high 6 years
#11683 File upload said success but not showing up at my website new Other normal 5 years
#11748 Periodic ETIMEDOUT, 425 response and Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing moreinfo Other normal 5 years
#11843 he perdido mi contraseña new Other critical 5 years
#11880 password reset new Other high 5 years
#11884 Sometimes the uploading speed is obviously low (1000 Mbps LAN) new Other normal 5 years
#11887 Incorrect Password new Other high 5 years
#11889 installers contain adware new Other critical 5 years
#11911 Forgotten Pass Word new Other high 4 years
#11961 FTP over TLS new Other normal 4 years
#12140 LOGIC BUG IN SYCRO NAVIGATION new Other normal 4 years
#12211 no access to my ftp sites with Vodafon new Other normal 3 years
#12324 What is my host? new Other normal 3 years
#12335 Vers 3.51.0 Client update, now website has 404 errors new Other normal 3 years
#12457 Server connection issue moreinfo Other low 2 years
#12477 Where FileZilla downloads a file opened for editing? new Other high 2 years
#12507 Connection Error new Other normal 2 years
#12655 FileZilla fault moreinfo Other low 20 months
#12797 Implicit Encryption new Other normal 11 months
#12825 Repeated images/files with various sizes new Other high 10 months
#12838 Reset all FileZilla Installations new Other high 10 months
#12885 Worong portuguese translation new Other normal 7 months
#12912 Lacking "key file" description in the UI new Other normal 5 months
#12916 Refund For Product new Other high 5 months
#12936 Very slow local site over samba share new Other normal 3 months
#12978 SFTP Mac App Store unable to use ssh-agent new Other normal 3 weeks
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