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#4235 "Treat files without extension as ASCII file" should be unchecked by default reopened alkisg@…, bantu@…, mafufz, taur, zoddo@…, Dmitry Bug report high
#12462 Lost Password new rex Other high
#1738 URL Fetcher new isudoru, Eirik, Alexander Schuch Feature request normal
#2269 Autohide queue window when empty new dougbtx, drel Feature request normal
#2514 GSS auth option assigned dopheide, Tim Kosse, Eirik Tim Kosse Feature request normal
#2794 Keeping current views as default directories when copying current connection new billthetailor, Alexander Schuch, Tony Feature request normal
#2823 add sites from Site Manager to toolbar (with icons) new pmadonia, Alexander Schuch Feature request normal
#2977 MODE Z Compression option in filezilla 3 new labidouille, Tim Kosse, denis-hamann, Alexander Schuch, xaminmo@… Feature request normal
#3681 Quickconnect includes all attempted logins, including fails reopened garethrpratt, Tim Kosse, dirTdogE@… Feature request normal
#4055 Request for History [paths of local site and remote site] new filezilla@… Feature request normal
#4732 Don't overwrite file until transfer is complete new dirtdoge@…, occiaebru@… Feature request normal
#5306 the resume upload feature never work as expected new I dont know what it means me Bug report normal
#7441 Allow Indexing All Drives Dynamically new JinxDojo@… Feature request normal
#8811 connection to server freezes after specified time being connected new rando@… Bug report normal
#9583 Make an app bundle also when GTK is used on Mac new j.orlandomurillo@… Feature request normal
#12104 Can't log in to my server using FZ new Do, not, touch Bug report normal
#12432 "No supported authentication methods available" when connecting to RHEL 8 (fips mode enabled) new pkbarbiedoll Bug report normal
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