Ticket #4972: FileZilla Ver3_2_8_1 (FileZilla Log).txt

File FileZilla Ver3_2_8_1 (FileZilla Log).txt, 1.1 KB (added by ohkubo, 14 years ago)
1Status: Connecting to
2Status: "Connection established, waiting for welcome message..."
3Response: 220 VxWorks FTP server (VxWorks 5.4) ready.
4Command: USER cccccc
5Response: 331 Password required
6Command: PASS *************
7Response: 230 User logged in
8Command: SYST
9Response: 215 UNIX Type: L8 Version: VxWorks
10Command: FEAT
11Response: 500 Command not recognized
12Status: Connected
13Status: Retrieving directory listing...
14Command: PWD
15Response: "257 Current directory is ""/eeee/"""
16Command: TYPE I
17Response: "200 Type set to I, binary mode"
18Command: PASV
19Response: "227 Entering Passive Mode (10,33,122,35,4,27)"
20Command: LIST
21Response: 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection
22Response: 226 Transfer complete
23Command: PASV
24Response: "227 Entering Passive Mode (10,33,122,35,4,28)"
25Command: LIST -a
26Response: 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection
27Response: 226 Transfer complete
28Status: Directory listing successful
29Status: Retrieving directory listing...
30Command: CWD /aaaa
31Response: 501 Directory non existent or syntax error
32Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing