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SmartFTP log

1[2009-06-17T14:38:39] Log opened
2[2009-06-17T14:38:39] Initializing. Transfer Queue v1.0.20.7.
3[2009-06-17T14:38:39] Resolving host name "ftp.adrive.com"
4[2009-06-17T14:38:39] Connecting to Port: 21
5[2009-06-17T14:38:39] Connected to ftp.adrive.com.
6[2009-06-17T14:38:40] 220 ADrive.com - Username is your email address used for web interface. FTP is for Signature and Premium accounts only.
7[2009-06-17T14:38:40] USER xxx
8[2009-06-17T14:38:40] 331 Username OK, please send password.
9[2009-06-17T14:38:40] PASS (hidden)
10[2009-06-17T14:38:40] 230 Welcome xxx
11[2009-06-17T14:38:40] SYST
12[2009-06-17T14:38:40] 215 UNIX Type: L8
13[2009-06-17T14:38:40] Detected Server Type: UNIX
14[2009-06-17T14:38:40] RTT: 86.411 ms
15[2009-06-17T14:38:40] FEAT
16[2009-06-17T14:38:40] 211-Extensions supported:
17[2009-06-17T14:38:40] AUTH TLS
18[2009-06-17T14:38:40] HOST
19[2009-06-17T14:38:40] LANG EN*
20[2009-06-17T14:38:40] MDTM
21[2009-06-17T14:38:40] MFMT
22[2009-06-17T14:38:40] MLST TYPE*;SIZE*;MODIFY*;PERM*;UNIX.MODE*;
23[2009-06-17T14:38:40] PBSZ
24[2009-06-17T14:38:40] PROT
25[2009-06-17T14:38:40] REST STREAM
26[2009-06-17T14:38:40] SIZE
27[2009-06-17T14:38:40] TVFS
28[2009-06-17T14:38:40] UTF8
29[2009-06-17T14:38:40] 211 END
30[2009-06-17T14:38:40] OPTS UTF8 ON
31[2009-06-17T14:38:40] 501 Command has no settable options.
32[2009-06-17T14:38:40] PWD
33[2009-06-17T14:38:41] 257 "/"
34[2009-06-17T14:38:41] CWD /Data
35[2009-06-17T14:38:41] 250 Changed directory OK.
36[2009-06-17T14:38:41] PWD
37[2009-06-17T14:38:41] 257 "/Data"
38[2009-06-17T14:38:41] TYPE I
39[2009-06-17T14:38:41] 200 TYPE changed to I.
40[2009-06-17T14:38:41] PASV
41[2009-06-17T14:38:41] 227 Entering Passive Mode (38,99,42,152,249,193)
42[2009-06-17T14:38:41] Opening data connection to Port: 63937
43[2009-06-17T14:38:41] STOR You_can_Win.pdf
44[2009-06-17T14:38:41] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for file You_can_Win.pdf.
45[2009-06-17T14:38:41] Socket send buffer set to 16384 bytes.
46[2009-06-17T14:38:41] Socket send buffer set to 32768 bytes.
47[2009-06-17T14:38:41] Socket send buffer set to 65536 bytes.
48[2009-06-17T14:38:41] Socket send buffer set to 131072 bytes.
49[2009-06-17T14:38:41] 374545 bytes transferred. (688 KB/s) (531 ms)
50[2009-06-17T14:38:44] 226 File store complete. Data connection has been closed.
51[2009-06-17T14:38:44] MFMT 20090114064758 You_can_Win.pdf
52[2009-06-17T14:38:44] 213 Modify=20090114064758; You_can_Win.pdf
53[2009-06-17T14:38:44] MLST You_can_Win.pdf
54[2009-06-17T14:38:44] 250-Listing of You_can_Win.pdf:
55[2009-06-17T14:38:44] TYPE=file;SIZE=374545;MODIFY=20090114064758;PERM=rwafd;UNIX.MODE=rw-r--r--; You_can_Win.pdf
56[2009-06-17T14:38:44] 250 End of listing.
57[2009-06-17T14:38:44] Source File Size=374545, Destination File Size=374545
58[2009-06-17T14:38:44] Log closed