Ticket #12032: Filezilla-SFTP-0-Quota.txt

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SFTP upload with 0 storage quota

1Command: open "Demo-User@ftp.hostedftp.com" 22
2Command: Pass: ******
3Status: Connected to ftp.hostedftp.com
4Status: Starting upload of C:\Users\Darren-Main\Desktop\Images\sync1.PNG
5Command: cd "/"
6Response: New directory is: "/"
7Command: put "C:\Users\Darren-Main\Desktop\Images\sync1.PNG" "sync1.PNG"
8Command: local:C:\Users\Darren-Main\Desktop\Images\sync1.PNG => remote:sync1.PNG
9Status: File transfer successful, transferred 489,685 bytes in 4 seconds
10Status: Retrieving directory listing of "/"...
11Command: ls
12Status: Listing directory /
13Status: Directory listing of "/" successful
14Status: Starting upload of C:\Users\Darren-Main\Desktop\Images\sync2.PNG
15Command: put "C:\Users\Darren-Main\Desktop\Images\sync2.PNG" "sync2.PNG"
16Command: local:C:\Users\Darren-Main\Desktop\Images\sync2.PNG => remote:sync2.PNG
17Status: File transfer successful, transferred 82,751 bytes in 1 second
18Status: Retrieving directory listing of "/"...
19Command: ls
20Status: Listing directory /
21Status: Directory listing of "/" successful