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FileZilla client is not high-DPI aware on Windows

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Operating system type: Windows Operating system version: 7


FileZilla is not high-DPI aware on Windows 7 or Vista. This means that if you set your PC's display resolution to the maximum supported, and compensate for the resulting small default GUI font by increasing the DPI setting, FileZilla's text is blurred because it is raster scaled. This is explained in the following tutorial:


To reproduce on Windows 7:

1. Right click the desktop and choose Screen Resolution.
2. Make sure that it is set to its recommended value.
3. From Control Panel, choose Display.
4. Under "Make it easier to read what's on your screen", select "Larger - 150%".
5. Click Apply.
6. Log off and log on again.
7. Start FileZilla and observe that the text on its UI is blurred.

The solution may be as simple as linking in the attached manifest file and testing that all text still fits in objects such as buttons, so I hope you'll try it. It'll help those of us getting presbyopia to put off the day when we need spectacles to read the screen!


DeclareDPIAware.manifest Download (337 bytes) - added by Helios 5 years ago.
Linker manifest file

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Unfortunately it is not as simple. If using that manifest, a lot of the icons are not scaled anymore which is incorrect.

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