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#9610 Disk space free on drive new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by random_name, 10 months ago.


Show free disk space in status bar

#4108 Disconnects resetting the elapsed time stat. new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by i22yb, 6 years ago.


Is there any reason why disconnects should reset the elapsed time?

It would make sense for a user-initiated disconnect to reset the timer, but server timeouts / auto-reconnects should not reset the timer. This resetting basically makes the elapsed time stat useless, especially for transferring large files.

Maybe this should also be a feature request to have this as a changeable option for the user?

#7801 Disallow Plain Unencrypted FTP moreinfo Bug report normal FileZilla Server

Reported by snoopypsu1, 3 years ago.



We are running Filezilla Server version 0.9.40 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64-bit machine. Even though under the SSL/TLS settings I have Allow Explicit FTP over TLS checked and also Disallow Plain Unencrypted FTP checked, during an external penitration test it was found that we were still transmitting plain text. Is there something else that I should have configured or is this truly a bug?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Danielle

#8860 disable timezone detection new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by ci-dev, 20 months ago.


As there are lots of broken servers out there, an option to disable the timezone detection completely seems to be reasonable. The effect simply is that all dates parsed are considered UTC.

#2798 Disable Server Activity on Admin Console new Feature request normal FileZilla Server

Reported by jbhunt, 7 years ago.


I have heavily used Filezilla Servers. When opening the Admin tool the info that scrolls across the admin tool moves so fast that you can't even think about reading it. This also causes a big problem with screen refresh when you are accessing servers remotely. An option to enable/disable the output of server activity to the admin console would be most helpful. Thanks for a great product!


#8111 disable option for caching directory listing new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by ikary, 3 years ago.


appear as directories and files that were deleted and previous sizes

solution: and implement and add a checkbox to disable file listing cache to settings > interface > file lists

#5348 disable/hide local directory view reopened Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by bigfun, 5 years ago.


Can we have a preference in the Edit--settings to allow us to turn off the Local Site tree pane? Like many people, I prefer using my computers' built in file browsing services and then dragging and dropping to and from the remote window. I know it is possible to make the local site tree pane smaller, but just seeing it there is annoying.

#2884 Disable Account after the "Expiration Date" new Feature request high FileZilla Server

Reported by charlothuang, 7 years ago.


Users -> General

Account settings

-- Enable account

-- Expiration Date

A feature that accounts can be disabled after the "Expiration Date" set.

Thanks a lot ~

#2194 DirSync Mirror new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by fgth, 10 years ago.


1st of all I love File Zilla ! Courd be use full to have dirsync otion in the transfer (i.e. remove filas that do not exist anymore in the source dir from the source dir / make target dir content identical to source dir content)


#8461 Directory tree view is not refreshed after dragging folders. new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by alexkovac, 2 years ago.


CONDITIONS: Create 2 folders, e.g. TEST1 and TEST2. Use directory tree pane to drag TEST2 onto the TEST1 folder. As when trying to move a folder inside another folder. Although the folder TEST2 is successfully moved to TEST1 using this approach, the TEST2 folder's icon will still remain where it was. Resulting in seemingly 2 TEST2 folders. (please reference the submitted image).

When this happens, slicking 'Refresh' will not help as long as the original TEST2 folder icon is highlighted.

#8986 directory path wrongly extracted from url (problems on chrooted accounts) new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by blm, 19 months ago.


when we currently paste such ftp path (s) ftp://user:password@host/directory into filezilla it's extracted in the way:

user password host /directory

the last part is not corrected it should be just "directory" without leading slash

why it make different?

on most ftp systems, root directory == user directory (and it make no difference)

when - for security reasons - account is chrooted, then slash from beginning point outside user directory and the path can't be found


(s) ftp://user:password@host/directory

on our system (with chroot) /bin /data (it's user "home" directory) /data/directory /dev /etc ....

so runing cd /directory will fail, but when you login (your current directory is set to /data) and try cd directory (relative path) everything will work fine.

so the whole bug is about removing 1st slash from directory path. (only 1st, because path like (s) ftp://user:password@host//data/directory should work - in this case your using absolute path)

such way of parsing path is used for example in FF (and other programs)

if you have any questions please let me know.

I can also prepare test (valid for 24h) account on our system (but I can't share it by ticketing system, so please mail me if such account would be helpful)

Regards, Bartosz

#7906 Directory list should support pressing first letter new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by larsen255, 3 years ago.


It´s already possible in the file list to press the first letter of an item you want to go to (instead of clicking with the mouse).

Would be great if this also worked in the directory list.

#9085 Directory list parsing incorrect using SFTP new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by dnplus, 17 months ago.


SFTP Server is IBM Sterling proprietary SFTP Server, The GUI explorer modify date column mixed with path name, see attachments screenshots, I have no problem with other SFTP client

#8590 Directory listing with proftpd mod_sftp reopened Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by moltes12, 2 years ago.



Here is my problem. When I do Directory Listing of an SFTP Server running ProFTPD 1.3.4b with mod_sftp 0.9.8, I see Filezilla Client 3.5.3 reporting me that there are some directories whose name are including their last writing date : "avril 8 14:48 <directory name>"

I checked the same server with Windows client version, Linux Client version : it's the same problem.

I checked with WinSCP client under Windows and all is OK. I checked with the last version of proftpd 1.3.4c and the problem still appear with FileZilla Client

I want to say that during last month, everything was OK with proftpd 1.3.4b/Mod_sftp 0.9.8 versions.

I checked sftp with openssh soft and everything is OK.

But, the difference I noticed is that with the same host, running directory listing under mod_sftp returns me a list of files whose date are in french (eg : 'avril' for the 4th month) whereas with openssh, the same directory listing returns me a list of files with a date in english (eg : Apr for the 4th month).

Can you confirm me that there is a FilleZilla issue ?

#7737 Directory listing "updates backwards" new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by Kalevi_J, 4 years ago.


When I upload a file to the server, the file list on the server directory updates according the new upload. But when I click the button "Update Directory and file listing", the list on the server "goes back" to the previous list.

If I log out and log in again, the list is correct, but if I click that button again, the previous list goes back again.

The listing of the local side is always correct.

MyFileZilla version is 3.5.1 and operation system Windows Professional XP Sp 3 (version 5.1)

#7178 directory listing is not always refreshed after uploading a file accepted rgautam Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by matteosistisette, 4 years ago.


Steps to reproduce:

- connect to a server - wait some time, so the connection times out - upload a file: filezilla will automatically reconnect in order to upload the file - wait until the upload finishes

Expected result: - the remote directory listing should automatically be refreshed and you should see the file you just uploaded

Observed result: - the remote directory listing is NOT refreshed, and you don't see the file you just uploaded

In the console window where you see all the commands and responses, you do see a message saying "directory listing succesfull", so I guess filezilla does retrieve the listing but it fails to show the updated directory listing in the display on the right.

If you manually refresh using the refresh button, then you'll see the directory listing refreshed including the just uploaded file.

This only happens when you upload a file after the connection has timed out (and filezilla automatically reconnects). If you are already connected when you do the upload, then the refresh does work correctly and you seen the refreshed list as soon as the upload is finished.

#7358 Directory listing filter - Add visual notification when a filter is applied new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by Benny, 4 years ago.


When you apply a filter to a directory listing, there is no clear visual cue that the listing you are viewing is a filtered one. (except for the icon in the toolbar) If you leave a filter on and forget that it's on, this can be annoying.

It would be useful to have a more visual cue that the list is filtered. You could perhaps change the backcolor of the listing, or display "FILTERED" in bold red font in the status bar of the listing window.

#2315 directory / file size limit reopened Feature request high FileZilla Server

Reported by zeroxbeta, 10 years ago.


it would be very useful to be able to restrict the maximum ammount of data a user can upload to the server. - in general - per directory - per file

there was a post in 2003, i know that, but for it is still open i like to mention it again.

it is basicly the same all the web space providers do. you get 50megs or so and that`s it. i really like to see this feature in filezilla, too. thanks a lot.

#2191 Directory drag & drop option assigned codesquid Feature request high FileZilla Client

Reported by jschwindt, 10 years ago.


We find it very dangerous the ability to move folders in the remote pane without asking for a confirmation. It would be nice to have a option that the user can check in order to ask for the confirmation.

#2554 directory delete in new thread new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by hongsj, 9 years ago.


Some directory recursive deletion takes several minutes. I think if we have another menu like "delete (new thread)" will be help people a lot.

Naming could be ... "Delete in new thread" "Delete in background" "Recursive delete" ......

Thank you for your respectable effort on this great program.

#8916 Directory Comparison Untoggles after Remote Site Folder Delete new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by xoaphexox, 20 months ago.


When you have directory comparison toggled ON and delete a folder from the remote site panel the directory comparison untoggles itself.

Expected behavior would be to keep directory comparisons toggled ON.

#5461 Directory Comparison Not Reporting Properly For File Size reopened Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by curuser, 5 years ago.


I have been using Cute FTP for a long time, but wanted to try FileZilla. Cute FTP also has a directory comparison feature. When comparing files by file size, I have no problem with Cute FTP. However FileZilla marks all my files as different. This might be because of the way the file is stored in Linux compared to Windows.

For example, 788KB size file on my local Windows machine is 763KB on the Linux server. But the files have identical content. Cute FTP reports the files as the same ( as it should ), but FileZilla reports them as different, which may be technically correct, but is also useless.

So I suspect that Cute FTP is taking into account the way the files are stored in its comparison algorithm, while FileZilla is not. Cute FTP also has a checkbox for "Ignore Letter Case". Perhaps that has something to do with it.

I'm not sure how to classify this issue. Maybe a bug or patch request. Either way, no matter how it is done, it would be nice if FileZilla would compare the files in a manner that determined if the file content is different or not ( because that is the point of the exercise ).

Date comparisons are not sufficient for this. File size works well, but there may also be other ways.

I can duplicate this issue all day and send screen shots of both CUTE FTP and FileZilla doing exactly the same task, where FileZilla is all salmon red ( indicating different ) and Cute FTP is normal, indicating no differences ( as it should ). Screen shots are attached.

Also, when Cute FTP identifies different files, it pre-selects them so that you can simply drag them as a group over to the other side. That would be a really handy feature.

Apart from these issues, FileZilla seems excellent, and once these issues are resolved, I would be happy to send a donation and reccommend that others do the same, as well as post a link for it on my website.


#5142 Directory Comparison disabled when deleting remote directories new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by AllenJB, 5 years ago.


When FileZilla Client 3.3.1 deletes a remote directory, it disables the folder comparison feature but doesn't re-enable it afterwards.

When this feature needs to be disabled, Filezilla should remember the status of this feature and re-set it after completing the task.

#7863 Directory Caching new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by castor_t, 3 years ago.


I am a huge fan of Filezilla and I use it everyday on my windows pc.

One thing that I noticed that is missing from Filezilla is the directory caching feature. I connect to my server several times a day and its a huge waste of bandwidth to retrieve the file listing everytime, not to mention the wastage of time.

I would really like to see Filezilla give an option to cache directory listing.

#9308 Directory and File Sorting Case Sensitive new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by BamaStangGuy, 14 months ago.


Currently sorting directories and files on the Local side of Filezilla Client results in Upper Case directories being sorted above lower case directories. I have attached a screenshot to show. This also happens for files.

#7227 Directory and filename parsing issues with OSX machine bound to Active Directory new Bug report high FileZilla Client

Reported by User McUser, 4 years ago.


I have a PC running Windows and an Intel iMac running Leopard (10.5.8) which is bound to Active Directory for user authentication. SSH was enabled via the "Sharing" Preference Pane (aka Remote Login). When I use FileZilla to SFTP into the Mac, it incorrectly parses the folder and file names. Specifically, the "Group" name seems to be throwing it off. I've attached an example of what I see in the File and Folder panes in FileZilla. If I attempt to double-click on, say, the Desktop folder to open it I get:

Error: "Directory /Users/hunters/advanced administrators     1054 Mar  1 14:01 Desktop: no such file or directory".

I can provide more information if it helps. Have also verified that the Mac version of Filezilla client also has this bug.

#4271 direct access to encrypted ssh keys new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by ildjarn, 6 years ago.


I am aware of filezilla's ability of communicating with pageant. However, in my situation, I'm not able to use pageant: I have to use Filezilla on a Citrix farm, and pageant isn't, and will not be, installed on this farm. So at the moment I'm stuck with unencrypted SSH keys, which, as you may imagine, isn't making my security staff very happy.

Are there any plans to implement direct access to encrypted SSH keys in Filezilla, or is this something that will never be implemented?

#8306 Different transfer type for downloads and uploads new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by 1RV34, 2 years ago.


I would like to be able to use the "Binary" transfer type for downloads and the "Auto" transfer type for uploads.

#2568 Different speed limit on user inactivity new Feature request normal FileZilla Server

Reported by helix84, 9 years ago.


Hello, I'd like a feature, which would enable setting different speed limit when the computer is used and different when it's inactive.

I imagine it's the same as when an instant messenger application changes your status to away after few minutes of inactivity.

#2153 different local filesystem view new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by anonymous, 11 years ago.


I'd like to see a different local filesystem view, or the choice to change local views.

Something where the special windows folders are more easy viewable. (desktop, my documents etc) Possibly something like the notepad file dialog?

#5467 Different default options for Remote and Local files new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by dotancohen, 5 years ago.


It would be nice if the user could set different default actions for double click on remote files. For instance, a double click on a local file would upload it, but a double click on a remote file would edit it.

Thanks for the great software!

#2122 Differant directory views new -- Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by eagle_f90, 11 years ago.


Currently when viewing either the local or remot directories it is in the "list" view. I would like to see over views added like "licons". (basicly making it move like windows where you can have your folder views many diffeant ways)

#3014 Diff. BG-Colours for Diff. Servers new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by ras_mr, 7 years ago.


It would be nice if I could assign a background colour (or a background image) of the server window for each account, so I would know intuitionally (by the background colour) which server I am on (or which account I use), because most of my server structures are quite similar and I often put files on the wrong server.

#1614 dialog box "File Exist" when minimized new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by fabienillide, 13 years ago.



In the case of there's files already existing on target directory in the transfer queue, but not at first position in the queue, and FileZilla Client is minimized in the systray :

When the file which already exist is pick in the queue, the dialog box (overwrite, resume, etc.) isn't show and "stay in the systray".

It's only when restoring FileZilla to a window that we see this dialog box.

So it could be a long time before launch the transfer.

Is it possible to always show these dialog box even when FileZilla is minimized ?

Thanks a lot, Fabien

#2319 Detect/Warn on Windows firewall new Feature request normal FileZilla Server

Reported by anomalyst, 10 years ago.


Windows firewall (on Server 2003) blocks Filezilla server by default. Autorevision of MS FW rules would be ideal, but a pop-up warning on installation that the FW is enabled and might need to be configured for Filezilla server would be acceptable. CHecking to see if the server is actually blocked before popping the warning unnecessarily would be nice.

#2599 Detailed log new Feature request normal FileZilla Server

Reported by concl, 8 years ago.


Add logging about IP filtered for each connection dropped

#7813 Deliting files recursively SFTP new Feature request low FileZilla Client

Reported by timesheep, 3 years ago.


I was just wondering if you couldn't change how FileZilla deletes files recursively but also CHMOD as this is pretty much the same thing. If you mark a folder and press delete, FZ scans the folders content and deletes the files one at a time. When using SFTP I am sure that the fastest solution would be "rm -r FOLDER" The same thing goes for CHMOD where Linux incorporates a recursive function into the command too. "chmod -R FOLDER" So everytime I delete a folder I am thinking "Why am I wasting my time on this, when I could do it 100 times quicker on SSH?"

#2924 Deleting several directories simultaniously new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by mathieu_b, 7 years ago.


This is at the same time an improvement request and a bug. Right now, when you delete one directory, it is not possible to delete another until the first deletion is done.

It could be nice to be able to delete several directories at the same time from the directory tree window... And that the directory tree window does not follow the deletion during the time it occurs.

#6492 Deleting a symbolic link removes the linked directory content instead of deleting itself new Bug report high FileZilla Client

Reported by pachat, 4 years ago.


When attempting to delete a symbolic link on a linux server, filezilla deletes the content of the directory pointed by the symbolic link links to and does not delete the symbolic link itself.

Tbhis is totally unexpected : FileZilla acts the opposite of the rm command.

The expected behaviour is to have the rm command equivalent :

When deleting a symbolic link, it should just delete the symbolic link.

#2658 "Delete To Trash" Option new Feature request normal FileZilla Server

Reported by jerkyboy, 8 years ago.


Like to see a "Delete to Trash" option where if a file is deleted from a remote client, the file is move to the trash as opposed to deleted from the drive(s).


#4378 Delete source file(s) after transfer new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by Max, 6 years ago.


Please add the possibility to delete source file(s) after successfull transfer.

#8006 Delete performed before download in queue new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by a_edwill, 3 years ago.


I was in process of downloading 10,000 files from our security camera system. When that was done I wanted to delete the files from the server, so I selected "delete". The delete action was performed before the previous download operation was performed so I lost highly sensitive security video and photos.

#2430 Delete partial / incomplete uploads new Feature request normal FileZilla Server

Reported by martan4u, 9 years ago.


Hi, I am just starting with FileZilla Server. Can I find somewhere disk quotas for user and deletion partialy uploaded files? This properties will help me very much. Thanx for answer Martin

#7262 Delete one line of history new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by hansteijgeler, 4 years ago.


Now I can only clean the history list by removing them all together and re-entering them again. That is cumbersome, because I run 11 sites.

I would like to be able to remove one line at a time.

#7730 Delete Entry in Site manager on uninstall new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by orjtor, 4 years ago.


On uninstall, FileZilla doesn't delete settings like sites entries in the Site manager, meaning if someone else installs FileZilla afterwords they can access all servers.

I think it should delete all Entries in Site manager on uninstall.


#9514 delete confirmation and overwrite window problem new Bug report low FileZilla Client

Reported by orlleite, 12 months ago.


If there is lag when doing an file upload and file erasing, two popups will appear. The delete confirmation and the overwrite 'target already exists', and both will be unresponsive.

I cannot click in any button of delete popup neither overwrite one.

FileZilla Client

Version: 3.8.0

Build information:

Compiled for: i686-apple-darwin9 Compiled on: i386-apple-darwin9.8.0 Build date: 2014-03-28 Compiled with: i686-apple-darwin9-gcc-4.2.1 (GCC) 4.2.1 (Apple Inc. build 5577) Compiler flags: -g -O2 -Wall -g -fexceptions

Linked against:

wxWidgets: 2.8.12 GnuTLS: 3.2.12 SQLite:

Operating system:

Name: Mac OS X (Darwin 13.1.0 x86_64) Version: 16.146

#7907 Delay loading of file list when going through directories new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by larsen255, 3 years ago.


I sometimes use the cursor keys to navigate in the remote directory list. Unfortunately, when I e.g. go down three directories, FileZilla loads the file list and when I´m already at the third item, FZ jumps back to the first directory.

To improve the handling of this, I propose that FZ only starts getting the file list after e.g. 100 ms. That way you can navigate with the cursor keys withouth FZ interrupting and you still won´t notice a lag when FZ starts to get the file list.

#3723 Define standard applications to OPEN files of certain types new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by krza, 7 years ago.


For editing files you can define a standard editor. I would like to have that for viewing files as well. Didn´t find something like that in the existing tickets.


When I select "open" in the context menu of a text file (txt, log, dat, js, ...) on the local side always the Windows recommended/standard application is used to open this file even if there is a different application assigned in the Windows explorer file type options (Notepad2 in most cases).

Example: *.log

If you look that type up in Tools/Folder Options/File Types of the Windows explorer, you will find that the type shall be opened using Notepad2 which works on double clicks in the windows explorer. If you click on "Change", you probably see that the Windows Notepad is selected as default editor. This one is then used by FileZilla for some reason. But I want FileZilla to use Notepad2 as well (which is also defined as standard editor for editing files in my environment).

Other file types like *.js or *.html or *.bat could also require a different handler - especially html files shall not be opened in a browser but in a text editor when I try to open it from FileZilla - mostly I do not want to view but edit them before uploading it again, for instance to remove a typo.

If my writing not clear enough, please come back to me ;)

Best regards, Kristian

#6511 Default System Language new Bug report low FileZilla Client

Reported by, 4 years ago.


I'm somebody with some mixed language settings. Have my Region and Language set as follow: Format to Dutch Current location: the Netherlands. Keyboard and languages default is English (United States) - US Current language for non-Unicode programs: English (United States)

I did upgrade to filezilla and have my settings to "Default system Language" but get my filezilla in Dutch instead of English what would be expected. Not a major issue just to let you know it doesn't work correctly.

#7289 default site new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by Bendar, 4 years ago.


It would be great if you had the option of making one of the sites in Site Manager the default site, so it would automatically connect when FileZilla is launched.

#7954 Default Remote Directory sometimes fails if Default local directory is not found new Bug report low FileZilla Client

Reported by filezillarick, 3 years ago.


When the local default directory was set to a directory on a non-existent, removable drive, the REMOTE default directory would fail with an error (in red) displaying "no such file or directory". This even failed with a copy and paste from the "Remote Site:" pulldown. No failure was noted for the local directory error. This also occurred in so I immediately upgraded to 3.5.3 with the SAME results.

After modifying the local default to an existing directory, the remote default now works. Switching the local default back to the non-existent directory, to test this again, NOW the problem does NOT occur. (It appears that once the remote directory is accessed as a default, it appears to stay working.)

This occurred 12-15 times as I attempted to figure out what error I was making in the remote directory (It had to be something because there was an error each time. I slowly reduced the number iof subdirectory levels and finally attempted "/" which gave a failure as well. Each attempt was a "Connect" and "Abort" via the Site Manager.

I thought that I had done something wrong on the remote default, somehow, but when I PASTED the result and it still failed, I was perplexed. Yes, I checked for trailing spaces and even added a trailing "/" and removed it, yielding the SAME results. I thought it was a problem with symbolic references to a directory, but only after the LOCAL default directory was made to work did the remote directory work.

All I can say is that it failed several times, but now I know a workaround.

Therefore, I have lowered the priority of this bug, but created the ticket because it HAD happened. There is an easy workaround -- make sure the local directory works properly.

Even if nothing is changed, if someone else has the problem, they might find this workaround -- make sure the local directory exists.

#4218 Default filter set for site profiles new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by shawnkhall, 6 years ago.


Within the Advanced tab of each Site Profile, provide an option to select a named "filter set". This should appear exactly like the Filter Set dropdown within the filter dialog, but should apply to a site immediately when switching to that site profile.

It becomes necessary for those of us that manage a lot of FTP sites to manually select different Filter Sets when switching to specific sites each time anyway, this would ensure that the correct filter set was applied automatically without having to remember to do so each time.

#4347 Default file exists action on Queued Files not selected upon succeding open of dialog box new Bug report low FileZilla Client

Reported by AcidSlide, 6 years ago.


I noticed this while I was trying to fix my problem with bug #4346

I know this is a bug because if I remember right, this was working a couple of versions back.

What happens is (or rather what not happens), when you override the "Default file exists action" on the root of the list (the one with the ftp user/server name) and open it again, it will select again the "use default action" even though you have selected otherwise (for example "Skip").

I hope this get fixed because it gets confusing when your doing a lot of file uploads.

#5413 Default file exists action new Bug report critical FileZilla Client

Reported by ishmeetnarula, 5 years ago.



When I ever I set my default file exists action as "Overwrite File", it works fine till the time I close & re-open the filezilla. After re-opening the application it is again set to "Use default action".

#1920 Default file attributes new -- Feature request high FileZilla Client

Reported by eddan, 12 years ago.


An option to set default file attributes when uploading files. Would be most useful for website uploading. Best would be individual settings for each site.

#8325 Default editor preference does not work properly new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by flower8, 2 years ago.


[Steps to reproduce] 1. install file zilla 2. install ultra edit 3. update file zilla 4. uninstall ultra edit 5. install some other editor - eg) notepad++ 6. OPEN or EDIT a file in file zilla client

[Current issue] Filezilla keeps finding older editor.

[Client Info] Filezilla 3.6.0 compiled for i586-pc-mingw32msvc build date: 2012-11-10 compiled flags: -g -O2 -Wall -g -fexceptions

[Related issue]

#10276 Default Action after Queue completion new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by FilezillaMadan, 7 weeks ago.


Is it possible to have one default action after completing the queue? Refer to snapshot attached for clarity.

#7258 Default action after queue complete new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by kaci, 4 years ago.



I would like to ask you to add "default action after queue complete" to settings, or at least remember last choice. Now I have to set it every time I start downloading, because it always jumps back to choice "Do nothing". Thank you in advance.


#1861 Decrease Queue Bytes Remaining as File is Downloaded new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by blujay, 12 years ago.


It would be nice if the queue byte remaining count went down as each file was downloaded. For example, if you have two 10 MB files in the queue, and the first file is 50% downloaded, the queue should show 15 MB remaining. As it is now, it will show 20 MB remaining until the first file is completely downloaded. With large files this can be very misleading, and a bit annoying. :)

#8705 DDE Execute Request Failed: a transaction failed new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by jrogerson, 2 years ago.


Since recently updating Filezilla, I now get this error when opening a html file to view? Filezilla use to open the file in a new tab in an open browser, but now after getting the error, it opens a brand new browser.

#5225 DDE execute request failed.. new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by bmoney, 5 years ago.


DDE Execute request failed: A request for a synchronous execute transaction has timed out.

This happens when I right click on and then click Open a Corel Draw file in Filezilla. It automatically opens another instance of Corel Draw. I end up with multiple Corel Draw programs open, it wastes a lot of time and memory.

I see a few people have mentioned this before.. do you guys consider it a low priority..



#2126 Database support new -- Feature request normal FileZilla Server

Reported by anonymous, 11 years ago.


Would very much like to see support for storage of Settings and User info in a database such as MSSQL, MySQL, or other ODBC compliant databases etc versus the local XML storage mechanism now in place.

This would make deployment and provisioning of new users a snap and give a way to hook the server into existing company's (and ISPs) provisioning systems. It would allow FileZilla to compete with the high-end commercial products.

#5537 Cut&Paste/Move feature new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by tinotk, 5 years ago.


For Windows user a lot of people used the shortcut key CTRL-X for cut and CTRL-V for paste. I have been using cut & paste in CuteFTP but in the FileZilla I didn't see any cut & paste feature. Please utilize the mv command for this feature. For instance, let say user want to move file1.rar from /public_html/ to /public_html/ He can browse to the dir then click file1.rar, press CTRL-X. FileZilla some how store the current path of file1.rar. Then user go to the dir, then press CTRL-V, Now FileZilla will store the current path then perform the mv command to move the file1 from the previous stored location to the new one.

Sorry about my bad english!

#1608 cut, copy, and paste new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by brg786, 13 years ago.


I would like to see the ability to cut, copy, and paste files between both, local and remote directories.

Accordingly, cut/copy/paste icons should appear in the toolbar and in the right-click (drop-down) menu.

If this feature is ever implemented, then FileZilla would become, for my uses, a replacement for Windows Explorer.

#2335 Customizable keyboard shortcuts new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by joshbosh, 10 years ago.



I'm sure that someone must have requested customizable keyboard shortcuts in the past, but when I searched the feature requests for either "keyboard", "shortcut", or "shortcuts", there were no matches. So, I hereby request customizable keyboard shortcuts. :-)

Thanks for your time.

#7830 Custom Command "Site Trailingblanks" not working with z/OS FTP server new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by brichardson@…, 3 years ago.


Using latest 3.5.2 Filezilla Client on Win32 platform (XP). Connecting to z/OS v1r9 FTP server, downloading Fixed Block datasets where trailing blanks are critical to retain.

Using Custom Command in Filezilla to send command: site trailingblanks ("site trail" for short)

When the dataset is then downloaded in ASCII format, the blanks have been stripped.

I can perform this command from both a WSFTP LE v12 GUI client and both the standard Windows FTP client and the MoveItFreely FTPS command line client, and it will work and the dataset has blanks properly retained. I cannot attach data since it is sensitive.

#2071 Custom actions for various events (file upload etc.) new Feature request normal FileZilla Server

Reported by anonymous, 11 years ago.


There should be an option (global perhaps, or per-user and per-group) where you can have the server execute a program of choice when a file that matches a filter is uploaded.

For example: The administrator should be able to tell the server that when *.exe;*.com;*.scr;*.zip files are uploaded, the server should run, say, c:/apps/av/av.exe "%1" (%1 being the path to the file that was just uploaded) and the server waits for a response code from the program and if it is not 0x00 then it shoud either send the file to a quire or simply delete it.


#9966 Ctrl-V moreinfo Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by Cwi, 4 months ago.



Le raccourcis Ctrl-V pose souci car il ne fait pas de "coller".

Fort pénible

#8759 Ctrl + Shift + N keyboard shortcut to create a new directory new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by littletinyfish, 22 months ago.


I'd like to see Filezilla follow suit with the new Windows shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+N to create a new directory.

#9388 Critical file transfer error moreinfo Bug report high FileZilla Client

Reported by bsloyal123, 13 months ago.



Recently after update my version to latest upon ftp transfer to my ISP provider I get the following error for some files being uploaded

550 The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. Error: Critical file transfer error

Earlier this was not happening. I searched the net and found that it is a filezilla problem. I used both active and passive mode. Still Same. can you advice what could be the issue.



#5336 Critical Error - Could not connect to server new Bug report critical FileZilla Server

Reported by austinstone, 5 years ago.


Critical error Could not connect to server

This is the message I received both this morning and last Friday when attempting to log on to FileZilla to upload a backup of QuickBooks. I have been uploading for over a year without any problems, and suddenly it gave me the above error.


#9107 Critical error moreinfo Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by Mnasc001, 17 months ago.


I keep on getting a critical error and could not connect to server error. I have tried resubmitting my password a few times and closing FileZilla. But nothing is working.

#9088 Creation date appears in Last Modified column on FTP to OpenVMS new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by XDreX, 17 months ago.


When connecting via FTP to an OpenVMS server, the "last modified" column is showing the file creation date.

#7360 creates zero length files at the destination site new Bug report critical FileZilla Client

Reported by ktom, 4 years ago.


win7 box with filezilla version 3.5.0

The tool will transfer all the files with out any error or warnings but the destinations files are all zero length. it creates directories OK

i can transfer the files using the command window via command line ftp and the files to arrive and maintain the original file size.

the hosting service has no trouble using filezilla from a different box transfering data to the same account.

snip from log in filezilla window, i told it to overwrite if file existed.: Status: File transfer successful, transferred 52,359 bytes in 1 second Status: Starting upload of C:\Users\kevin\Pictures\bibble5\unprocessed\2011-04-30\web\DSC_2622.jpg Command: PASV Response: 150 Accepted data connection Response: 226 File successfully transferred Status: File transfer successful, transferred 50,038 bytes in 1 second Status: Starting upload of C:\Users\kevin\Pictures\bibble5\unprocessed\2011-04-30\web\DSC_2623.jpg Command: PASV Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (99,198,127,42,118,179) Command: STOR DSC_2622.jpg Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (99,198,127,42,119,182) Command: STOR DSC_2623.jpg Response: 150 Accepted data connection Response: 226 File successfully transferred Status: File transfer successful, transferred 50,121 bytes in 1 second Status: Starting upload of C:\Users\kevin\Pictures\bibble5\unprocessed\2011-04-30\web\DSC_2624.jpg Command: PASV Response: 150 Accepted data connection Response: 226 File successfully transferred Status: File transfer successful, transferred 48,051 bytes in 1 second Status: Starting upload of C:\Users\kevin\Pictures\bibble5\unprocessed\2011-04-30\web\DSC_2625.jpg Command: PASV Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (99,198,127,42,120,153) Command: STOR DSC_2624.jpg

The configuration wizard results look like this: Connecting to Response: 220 FZ router and firewall tester ready USER FileZilla Response: 331 Give any password. PASS 3.5.0 Response: 230 logged on. Checking for correct external IP address Retrieving external IP address from Checking for correct external IP address IP bhd-bhe-jb-f Response: 200 OK PREP 61598 Response: 200 Using port 61598, data token 1799810361 PORT 173,174,91,5,240,158 Response: 200 PORT command successful LIST Response: 150 opening data connection Response: 503 Failure of data connection. Server sent unexpected reply. Connection closed

#8707 create remote new file based on OS/environment "new file" facility new Feature request low FileZilla Client

Reported by ci-dev, 2 years ago.


Taken from #2989:

I think it should be a menu like the "New" menu in Windows Explorer. And when the user clicks, for example, "New Text Document", FileZilla should create a new text document in the temporary directory and then upload it to the server.

All the other menu items should be also available:

1 - New Word document 2 - New Microsoft powerpoint etc.

That helps the user to create some customised template in Windows Explorer and use them in FileZilla. The user may want to create some templates like:

New HTML document New PHP file New Smarty template etc.

And he will be able to use these templates in FileZilla as well as Windows Explorer.

All this applies to KDE, GNOME and other graphical environments as well.

#9896 Create non-existent local folders when synchronized browsing new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by neocamel, 6 months ago.


When using synchronized browsing, if you navigate to a folder on the remote server that doesn't exist locally, the folder would be created locally (probably automatically). Or a prompt could appear asking the user if they would like the folder to be created.

Currently, when you navigate to a remote folder that doesn't exist locally (with synchronized browsing enabled), you get a warning:

FOLDER PATH does not exist or cannot be accessed. Disable synchronized browsing and continue changing the remote directory?

I think it would be much more intuitive for the local folder to be created automatically if it doesn't exist, or at least prompt the user to choose whether or not they would like it to be created.

If a prompt is the best way to go, I would recommend a setting be created to 'always create missing local folders', as it would get annoying to always have to click 'create folder'.

#9640 "Create directory and enter it" continues after disconnect new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by Deebster, 9 months ago.


If the connection drops during the first part of a "Create directory and enter it" operation, FileZilla will reconnect but resume with the second command. E.g.:

10:39:13	Command:	MKD newdir
10:39:18	Error:	Connection timed out
10:39:18	Status:	Connecting to
10:39:18	Status:	Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
    // login snipped
10:39:18	Response:	230 OK. Current restricted directory is /
10:39:18	Command:	OPTS UTF8 ON
10:39:18	Response:	200 OK, UTF-8 enabled
10:39:18	Status:	Connected
10:39:18	Status:	Retrieving directory listing...
10:39:18	Command:	CWD /public_html/newdir
10:39:18	Response:	550 Can't change directory to /public_html/newdir: No such file or directory
10:39:18	Error:	Failed to retrieve directory listing

FileZilla should complete the failed MKDIR command before attempting the CWD.

#2461 CRC Checksum Checker (SFV / MD5) new Feature request normal FileZilla Server

Reported by sahagesi, 9 years ago.


it would be nice if the filezilla server gets a crc checker for sfv oder md5 files - if something (files or dirs with a sfv-file for example) is uploaded to the ftp-server it could be checked and marked as ok oder bad or missing so.

#9829 Crash when trying to upload a number of (empty) folders by drag'n'drop from windows explorer to a directory connected via ftp new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by script-kiddy, 7 months ago.


FileZilla Client


Build information:

Compiled for: i686-w64-mingw32 Compiled on: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu Build date: 2014-09-06 Compiled with: i686-w64-mingw32-gcc (GCC) 4.9.1 Compiler flags: -g -O2 -Wall -g -fexceptions -std=gnu++11

Linked against:

wxWidgets: 3.0.2 GnuTLS: 3.2.17 SQLite: 3.8.6

Operating system:

Name: Windows Vista (build 6002, Service Pack 2) Version: 6.0 Platform: 32 bit system

Bug Description

Started FileZilla
Opend Pre-Saved Connection to my NAS from outside the home-network with a dyndns-connections via
Openend 3 directories (main-sub-sub) to get to my destination
Then selected 5 folders in windows explorer
Via Drag'n'Drop I plannted them inside the destined destination inside FileZilla FileZilla copied some and then crashed


- screenshot of crash - whole log as .rtf (with WordPad)

#8868 Crash in 3.7.3 new Don Bug report high FileZilla Client

Reported by dosmond, 20 months ago.


We have tried to send files several times and the client crashes after reporing an issue. When we check for updates we are told we have the most current.

Problem signature:

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: filezilla.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 52029f25 Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18541 Fault Module Timestamp: 4ec3e3d5 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0003dd6d OS Version: 6.0.6002. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: a39d Additional Information 2: 3bd3cf452eb5e5fcea07f3014081c5c5 Additional Information 3: faa2 Additional Information 4: 6ac36e3fadf874e3bd9c3bf2194bb860

#8774 Crashes on exit new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by PuterMan, 22 months ago.


The first use in the day, when I click on the icon on the desktop it can take from one to several minutes to get to the main screen.

FileZilla then seems to work OK until I close it using the red X having disconnected first. It then crashes with a 'problem and has to close'

Subsequent use of the program open/close etc appears to be OK. It is only the first instance that has a problem.

The Windows (? - it is not specific) message allows me to see a file that will be sent, but when I try and find it there is no such file.

FileZilla Client

Version: 3.7.1

Build information:

Compiled for: i586-pc-mingw32msvc Compiled on: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu Build date: 2013-06-18 Compiled with: i586-mingw32msvc-gcc (GCC) 4.2.1-sjlj (mingw32-2) Compiler flags: -g -O2 -Wall -g -fexceptions

Linked against:

wxWidgets: 2.8.12 GnuTLS: 3.1.11 SQLite:

Operating system:

Name: Windows XP (build 2600, Service Pack 3) Version: 5.1 Platform: 32 bit system

#8596 Crashes Occasionally moreinfo Bug report normal FileZilla Server

Reported by gheissenberger, 2 years ago.


We host a filezilla 0.9.41 server on a Windows Server 2003 R2 box. We are aiming for 100% uptime, however the service infrequently crashes. For example so far this year it crashed Jan 19 and April 10. It was up without restarts in between that time. We discover the problem when a user reports they are unable to connect. (Windows service monitoring based alerts were not triggered, interestingly.) The server interface shows unable to connect to server. The event viewer application logs at this point show no problems. Attempt to launch filezilla server.exe and service comes back up. Error then appears in application log:

Event Type: Error Event Source: Application Error Event Category: (100) Event ID: 1000 Date: 4/10/2013 Time: 8:44:09 PM User: N/A Computer: EDI-NODE0 Description: Faulting application , version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x00000000.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at Data: 0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74 Applicat 0008: 69 6f 6e 20 46 61 69 6c ion Fail 0010: 75 72 65 20 20 20 30 2e ure 0. 0018: 30 2e 30 2e 30 20 69 6e 0.0.0 in 0020: 20 75 6e 6b 6e 6f 77 6e unknown 0028: 20 30 2e 30 2e 30 2e 30 0030: 20 61 74 20 6f 66 66 73 at offs 0038: 65 74 20 30 30 30 30 30 et 00000 0040: 30 30 30 000

This seems to have been reported here: but I don't see a bug report so I thought I'd put one in.

#10328 Could not connect to server new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by nicfundplus, 5 weeks ago.


Error: Could not connect to server Status: Waiting to retry... Status: Resolving address of Status: Connecting to Status: Connection attempt failed with "EACCES - Permission denied". Error: Could not connect to server

#7352 Cosmetic issue with error messages for on manual transfer dialog new Bug report normal FileZilla Client

Reported by JanRei, 4 years ago.


FileZilla 3.5.0-rc2

On the manual transfer dialog there is a small cosmetic issue with some error messages shown when the user input is not correct. The messages just have generic title "Message".

In particular the messages shown in CManualTransfer::VerifyServer are affected.

#10325 Corrupt Image Uploads new Bug report critical FileZilla Client

Reported by yikyak, 5 weeks ago.



I have recently upgraded to the latest version of FileZilla Client and it seems that there is a bug when it comes to uploading images. Since I had upgraded to the latest version, all images I upload to my server has been detected as corrupt. It was fine before the upgrade.

I did a test and when I use the server web uploader, the images are being detected fine and I can use them. When uploading with Filezilla, the images turn out to be corrupt.

Here is my version details:

FileZilla Client

Version: 3.10.3-beta2

Build information:

Compiled for: x86_64-w64-mingw32 Compiled on: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu Build date: 2015-03-16 Compiled with: x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc (GCC) 4.9.1 Compiler flags: -g -O2 -Wall -g -std=gnu++11

Linked against:

wxWidgets: 3.0.3 GnuTLS: 3.3.13 SQLite:

Operating system:

Name: Windows 8.1 (build 9600), 64-bit edition Version: 6.3 Platform: 64-bit system

Please fix this bug asap.


#9976 Copy URL to clipboard - With password new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by barebuns, 4 months ago.


I really love the right click - "Copy URL(s) to clipboard" but I always have to go back and paste the password into the link. It would be great to either have it as an additional right click option ("Copy URL(s) to clipboard *with password*"), or have a switch (in settings?, with security warnings?) to have "Copy URL(s) to clipboard" include the password.

#10173 Copy quick connection parameters to fields new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by Artur, 3 months ago.


Could you copy IP address, username, password and port to fields after choosing a connection from a quick connection list? It would be useful, after program start, when connecting to many devices with same login, just different IP addresses.

#2419 Copy & Paste between FileZilla & Explorer new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by bisselbock, 9 years ago.


It would be nice if it was possible to implement the feature of copying files from FileZilla's file explorer (e.g. files on ftp server) by pressing Ctrl+C and pasting them into the Windows explorer by pressing Ctrl+V.

#4826 Copy HTTP URL/View URL Suggestion new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by cbryant911, 6 years ago.


Hey, I like your FileZilla Client, but it is missing a good feature to have, it makes it easier. The feature suggestion is the benfit of entering the url of the FTP Connection, copy the url, view on web, etc. I have included a screenshot of a ftp program I use that does that.

#6488 Copy full filename in local queue pane to clipboard new Feature request high FileZilla Client

Reported by theBuckWheat, 4 years ago.


Wow! What a list of feature requests. Well this one is certainly not life and death!

It would be a nice feature to add 'Copy Filename to Clipboard' to the right-click popup menu for files in the processing queue.

#7668 Copy files/folders on the same remote connection moreinfo Patch normal FileZilla Client

Reported by kamidan, 4 years ago.


Right now, if I need to copy files/folders, I need to download them and reupload them (or 'cp' command via SSH).

It would be very useful to be able to copy a selection of files/folders on the same remote connection.

I know that the FTP protocol does not support copying files (only move).

When we select to 'view/edit' a file with the default editor, the file is downloaded in a temporary location, and then optionally deleted when it is uploaded.

Maybe the same kind of mechanism could be used, but for copying files? automatically download files and folders to copy in a temporary location and then upload them at the right place (and maybe adding a '_copy' prefix if the remote file already exists).

#9094 Copy file new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by piopier, 17 months ago.


More often than not, I'm right-clicking on a local file in the left panel, in order to copy-paste it onto an Explorer window. The use case : 1. local files often needs to be re-organized and we only realize it when handling them when working with FTP. 2. in my connections many remote folders are paired with a "Default local directory", but distant files sometimes needs to head to a second local directory elsewhere, and browsing forth and back inside Filezilla is sometimes not desirable.

I'm really intuitively expecting to have this function somewhere and am often frustrated to get remembered it still doesn't exist.

Would it be possible to plan this feature in a next release ?

Besides, thanks a lot for this good software. Regards

#2668 Copy failed downloads to Clipboard new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by buzz-dee, 8 years ago.


Would be nice, if I could copy all items of the "failed downloads"-list to the clipboard by one click. So I could paste it into an email to the person/company, who provides the files I want to download. I currently have the problem, that the server of a company has problems with long filenames, spaces and umlauts. With the feature I could easily send them all the files they have to rename.

#2261 Copy directory listing to clipboard or file new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by driekske, 10 years ago.


as seen in WS_FTP:

... The DirInfo button opens a window that displays the files and folders in the current folder, as well as the file sizes, and dates and times last edited. ... as in ls -la

#9220 Copy and paste a file or directory new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by itsmeka, 15 months ago.


Is it possible to copy and paste file or directory using FileZilla client?

Now i need to make a new file in desktop. Copy the content using Edit/View option of FileZilla and paste it in new file. Then i upload it.

#3007 Conv't way to Add Site from Site Manager to QuickConnect Bar new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by steeltrap, 7 years ago.


A convenient way to Add a Site from among the Site Manager's entries to the QuickConnect Bar, and thence to the QuickConnect History/Menu, would be nice to have.

An additional button at the bottom of the Site Entries tree, "Add to QC Bar", that would copy the selected Site's relevant fields to the QuickConnect Bar, would satisfy this nicely.

Meanwhile, selecting from the Site Manager's pull-down list works pretty well... ;-}


#1749 convert filename to upper or lower case before transfer new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by anonymous, 12 years ago.


The ability to force the case on files being transferred in either direction to be either all lower or all upper case, or left alone.

Extremely useful when dealing with files generated by others that are in all sorts of weird cases, that shoule be one way or the other.


#8239 control number of simultaneous file-PART(THREAD) and FILE connections new Feature request critical FileZilla Client

Reported by rezakhaniki, 3 years ago.


Hi, Please let me ask a simple technical question. It is not a bug or problem with filezilla; It is more technical behavior of Filezilla Client and a FTP server like Filezilla Server. As the subject can goes in different ways; Please let me explain my qestion in three sub parts. I'm sure the answer is such easy for Filezilla technical guys (but much important for me).

We have two different conception is FTP conections: 1. Number of parallel connections in term of file to a server (If I'm right the maximum number of files at the same time can be define in the Server like Filzeilla-server; as well we can limit it in the client too like filezilla-client between 1 and 10)

2. Number of simultaneous connection (threads) for a file; which means during Doanload/Upload a file; the file can be seperated in N-parts (N threads)and each part be downloaded in parallel with other parts. This subject can be see in clear in FTP clients like DAP(download accelerator Plus) in loawer part of DL window; but n Filezilla can not be seen. I didn't see such definition in Filezilla client or server for clustering a file and donwloading it in parrallel. (please don't donfond this subject with parralell download/upload of sever files (in part.1)

Regarding to part.1 it is clear that both in Server and client we can define the maximum number of parralel files (number of parallel simultaneous file connection) at the same time and surely server limit overcomes the client limit)

QUESTION: Regarding to part.2,

May I know if it is Server or client (or both) that activates possiblity of slotting a file for DL/UL ? (I call that number of parallel simultaneous parts OR Thread)

Why Can not I see this value in the Filezilla client or Server ?

If it is not clear such option for the users; May i know what is written as code in filezilla Server or client or both for this subject ?

If it is automatically controlled by Client or Server as advanced feature; May I know how it is controlled and how I can limit it on a fix value ? (please don't confond it with number of parallel files) (DAP window shows such possibility, so for me it exists) (for me DOS command FTP; performs DL or UL with just 1 file at the moment and with 1 thread) (please take into account that my target is not proving that we go to highest throughput. More I want to know how it is controlled and can be set; for example if I want to do DL/UL just with 1 file in 1 thread. So the subject is just managing the session)

The plaform can be considerd windows 7, vista or XP. It seems in recent versions of Filezilla, such option doesn't exist more.

Thanks in advance for your answers and support. Best Regards,

#8221 Continue load non-existing files when "File exists"-dialog appears new Feature request normal FileZilla Client

Reported by m03r, 3 years ago.


It will be useful when user is AFK: loading won't stop.

#9205 Context menu opens on unexpected item in LocalTreeView/RemoteTreeView (where you can accidentally delete wrong directory) new Patch normal FileZilla Client

Reported by er11, 15 months ago.


I am using Windows 7 and haven't tested this under other operating systems. This happened to me with stable release 3.7.3 and a build I did tonight from SVN.

When using the right mouse button to bring up the context menu in either the local or remote directory tree controls in FileZilla Client, if you drag from the highlighted folder over one that isn't highlighted and release the button, the non-highlighted folder will be the target of the context menu that pops up. Worse, if this happens with a remote directory and you choose to delete the directory, the warning dialog that comes up doesn't give the name of the directory to be deleted.

I took a look at src/interface/LocalTreeView.* and src/interface/RemoteTreeView.* as well as the wxTreeCtrl source from wxWidgets 2.8.12. The event handler for a context menu event in LocalTreeView/RemoteTreeView is passed a tree item ID by wxWidgets that corresponds to the current mouse cursor position when the right mouse button is released.  This is apparently standard behavior for Windows, so it seems it's up to FileZilla to accommodate it.

I'm attaching a patch that solves the issue for me. It adds an event handler for right-button drag that sets a boolean variable to 'true' to indicate (when the button is released and OnContextMenu() is called) that the context menu should use the currently selected tree item instead of the one passed to it by wxWidgets. If no drag occurs, the variable is false and the context menu will use the tree item passed by wxWidgets. The variable is reset to false after each OnContextMenu() call.

I thought it might be sufficient to have OnContextMenu() always use the selected item instead of the one under the mouse pointer, but if that is done it does not find the correct item if a different folder than the one currently selected is right-clicked.

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